‘Just Kill Them’: White Supremacists Muse Idea of Invading Mexico, Central America

A political cartoon by Martin Sutovec. (Source)

White supremacists on a prominent neo-Nazi message board discussed the feasibility of conquering Central America in case Trump fails to expand the US-Mexico border wall.

On November 8, user SSJDonaldTrump kicked off the discussion on The Goyim Know forums:

“I would accept Trump not building a wall if we just invaded Mexico and C. America and cut off the border at the Panama Canal. It would probably be less expensive over time, and we’d restore order to the people of Mexico.”

User rouse replied in favor of the idea:

“The area is basically a Spain- or Italy-like paradise except for its ‘human’ fauna. Why the hell do we put up with this?

But not everyone was open to the idea.

User kolarov asked, “What would be the point of invading them?”

User Yodocq is concerned about the financial and human cost of a US invasion and occupation of Mexico and Central America.

“What would you do with all the Mexicans once the invasion is over?” asked another member.

However, user Shadilay proffered the following solution:

“If…you mean genociding all of [the Mexicans], then yes, I would agree.”

MichaelWittmann also agreed, saying that if “restoring order… entailed the use of cluster bombs, napalm, and other pesticides.”

The original poster (OP) also proposes the US annexation of Canada “while we’re at it.”

Several members talked about using eugenics and “financially incentivized voluntary sterilization” to control their hypothetical subjects and Black people.

One user by the name of Arach_Nophobia encouraged others to murder minorities, in particular Black people.

“What is stopping you? With some planning you might even be able to make an escape…Dylan Roof did it. Lots of people have done this kind of thing.”

The impassioned supremacist concluded by shaming a user who accused him of LARPing, or live action role playing.

“Get busy killing faggot…why don’t you get the fuck off the computer and get busy killing all those niggers?”

The ongoing discussion highlights two dynamics in the cyber white supremacy movement.

First, the forum topic reveals how far supremacist fantasies can go.

Not once did the forumers consider the international response to a hypothetical US military campaign in Latin America, and much less its justification other than Trump failing to make good on his promise of “building the wall,” a prospect that is still uncertain.

We also saw how accusing others of LARPing, or live action role-playing, can provoke heated arguments in online message boards.

Such an accusation carries weight in white supremacist forums because it emasculates the accused in a movement that champions manhood and physical strength.

A LARPing accusation implies the accused is merely playing around, and not mature enough to truly understand nor contribute to the cause.

It also brings to light an inconvenient truth for cyber-supremacists:

It’s much easier and comfortable to spew hate behind a computer screen than “in real life.”