To Troll a Movement: A List of 360+ Fake Antifa Accounts on Social Media


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Reader discretion is advised.

1. Vacaville Antifa

2. San Jose Antifa

3. Key West Antifa

4. Mar-A-Lago Antifa

5. Tiburon Antifa

6. Beverly Hills Antifa

7. Scarsdale NY Antifa

8. Kalorama Antifa

9. Fifth Avenue Antifa

10. Dix Hills Antifa

11. Compton Antifa

12. Staten Island Antifa

13. Sahara Antifa

14. Newport Antifa

15. Malibu Antifa

16. Maine Antifa

17. West Texas Antifa

18. Cambridge Antifa

19. Antelope Flats Antifa

20. Boston Antifa

21. Official Antifa

22. Bel Air Antifa

23. Nantucket Antifa

24. Hamptons, NY Antifa

25. Clearwater Antifa

26. Louisiana Antifa

27. Official Antifa PR

28. Newcastle Antifa

29. USC Antifa

30. Real Eugene Antifa

31. Salt Lake Antifa

32. North Nevada Antifa

33. Blankenese Antifa
@BlankeneseAA retweets an image from @Fourthchan that reads, “if you want to hurt them, dig into their h1b engineers and then start reporting their families to ICE… they ALL have been bringing over their families on tourist visas and overstaying.” Source:

34. California Antifa

35. Northern VA (Virginia) Antifa

36. Palo Alto Antifa

37. Palos Verdes Antifa

38. Atlanta Antifa

39. Wall Street Antifa

40. Arizona Antifa

41. North Shore Antifa

42. Washington, DC Antifa

43. World Star Antifa

44. La Jolla Antifa

45. Antifa Bel Air

46. Vermont Antifa

47. Laguna Beach Antifa

48. Aspen Antifa

49. Antifa Hotline

50. Pacific Heights Antifa

51. Gitmo Antifa

52. Mount Everest Antifa

53. Soros Antifa

54. Chicago Antifa

55. Antifa (San Diego, CA)

56. Beaver Marsh Antifa

57. Kekistan Antifa

58. New England Antifa

59. Uptown Antifa

60. Plenty of Fash

61. WSF — Boston Chapter

62. Vatican City Antifa

63. Pittsburgh Antifa

64. Detroit Antifa

65. Antifa HonoLuLu

66. ☭ I.E.ANTIFA ☭

67. Greenwich Antifa

68. Washakie Antifa

69. Los Angeles Antifa

70. Boston Antifa
We were blocked by @AntifaBostonUSA before we even knew it existed!

71. Northern NY Antifa

72. Antifa Hollywood

73. Laguna Beach Antifa

74. Bitcoin Antifa

75. Salt Lake Antifa

76. East Stl Antifa — The account follows multiple #FakeAntifa profiles.

77. Real MKE Antifa

78. Apache Junction Antifa

79. Amish Antifa

80. Hyrule Antifa

81. Free Speech Antifa

82. Campus Antifa Network

83. Quinn 🌹‏

84. ☭Branson Antifa

85. Gulfport, Florida Antifa

86. Midwest Antifa 🌹

87. CointelPro Antifa

88. Montvale Antifa

89. Starfleet Antifa

90. Charlotte Antifa

91. BuckHead Antifa

92. Phillip Miaynuss

93. Hollywood Antifa

94. Antifa Nashville

95. Winnipeg Antifa — @NYCAntifa is a legitimate Antifa Twitter account, according to @AntifaChecker.

96. 405 Antifa


98. Aunt Tifa ☭

99. SprinkleToes_CA-AntifA

100. Wall Street Antifa

101. Bay Area Antifa

102. The Black Dynamite

“A proud #antifa foot solder”? More like a #FakeAntifa troll.


104. Boston Antifa

@antifaboston_ links to a #FakeAntifa YouTube channel.
The account also blocked us before we knew it existed.

105. Ladue Antifa

106. NFL Antifa

107. North Pole Antifa

108. Chelsea Antifa

109. FC Barca Antifa–Links to a 4chan thread about Sweden’s refugee/immigration situation.

110. Antlfa Checker

111. Olympus Mons Antifa

112. Antifa IDAHO

113. Stockton Antifa

114. Cabo San Lucas Antifa

115. RedSquareAntifa

116. Tokyo Antifa

117. Bollywood Antifa

118. Africa Antifa

119. Jessica Antifa

120. East Cobb Antifa

121. AntifaHamptons

122. BallengerCreekAntifa

123. Whoville Antifa

124. Ventura Co Antifa

125. Bob Ross Antifa

126. Beverly Hills Antifa

127. Antifa-IN

128. AntifaNantucket

129. ☭ I.E.ANTIFA ☭ — It’s as if I.E. Antifa duplicated their profile! — @ArmyAntifa is also following I.E. Antifa.

130. Plausible Antifa

131. Politest Antifascist

132. AntifaCali

133. Shithole ANTIFA

134. Edina Antifa

135. Caroline O.

136. Vancouver Antifa

137. Fort Worth Antifa

138. Constifa

139. Bushwick Antifa

140. Antifa North Korea

141. Woketifa
@UES_Antifa also claims to have owned a #FakeAntifa troll account, “Park Avenue Antifa.”

142. Palisades Antifa

143. Nevada Antifa

144. Antifa Anchorage

145. JustaBabyAntifa

146. Antifa Melbourne

147. Antifa HQ


149. Pyongyang ANTIFA — The “Antifa Checker” you see here is not the official Antifa Checker account. There is a subtle letter change in the fake account handle.

150. The Real ANTIFA — Profile picture reads “Good night, left side.”

151. UC Berkeley Antifa

152. Official San Diego Antifa

153. Laguna Beach Antifa

154. Belfast Antifa

155. ANTIFA Eagle Ford

156. St Kat’s Dock Antifa

157. BeverlyHillsAntifa

158. The Crips Antifa

159. ANTIFA 2018

160. Laguna Beach Antifa

161. Beverly Hills Antifa

162. Arizona Antifa [Facebook]

163. Vatican City Antifa [Facebook]

164. Boston Antifa [Gab]

Boston Antifa links to multiple troll accounts —

165. We Smash Fash — Anti-Fascists Worldwide [Facebook]

166. Walla Walla Washington Antifa [Facebook]

167. South Shore Antifa [Facebook]

168. Antifa Hotline [Gab]

169. Antifa Hotline [YouTube]

Antifa Hotline links to various troll accounts on Twitter,, and Gab —
About an hour of nonsense…

170. Boston Antifa [YouTube]

Boston Antifa links to various troll accounts on Twitter and Facebook —

171. Antifa Hotline [Minds]

172. Disabled Antifa

173. DC Antifa [Facebook]

174. AntifaHonoLuLu [Minds]
@AntifaHonolulu has the same profile and cover photos as its Twitter counterpart.

175. Baltimore Antifa [Facebook]

176. Hilton Head Antifa

177. IE ANTIFA [Gab] is a confirmed troll website for Fake Antifa —

178. Free Speech Antifa [Gab]

179. MarALagoAntifa [Gab]

180. MR. ANTIFA [Gab]

@braswell1970 is following multiple troll accounts —

181. Aspen Antifa [Gab]

@Aspen_Antifa is following multiple troll accounts —

182. Antifa Deutschland [Gab]

183. AntiFa Roanoke [Facebook]

184. Boston Anti-Fascist Action [Facebook]

185. Free Speech Antifa [YouTube]

The channel links to multiple troll accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and —
A bunch of nonsense… —

186. FreeSpeechAntiFa [Minds]

187. North Shore Antifa [YouTube]

A whole bunch of nonsense… —
North Shore Antifa replies to one of Free Speech Antifa’s videos —

188. Official Columbus Ohio Antifa [Facebook]

189. San Fransisco AntiFa

190. ☭IE☭

191. River City Antifa

192. Laguna Beach Antifa

193. Beverly Hills Antifa

194. AlphaQuadrentAntifa

195. Nantucket Antifa 4


197. Antifa Hollywood [YouTube]

198. Antifa158

199. Long Island Antifa

200. Slingblade Antifa

201. Gary

“Gary” claims to be a member of a #FakeAntifa troll account —

202. Cabo San Lucas Antifa

203. Antifa

204. IE_ANTIFA [YouTube]

IE_ANTIFA comments on a video by Free Speech Antifa, another troll account on Youtube—

205. Cabo San Lucas Antifa [YouTube]

Cabo San Lucas Antifa comments on a video by Free Speech Antifa —

206. Brooklyn ANTIFA

207. Oak Brook Antifa

208. RadioAntifa

209. Mandalay Bay Antifa ☭

210. AntiFa ToadSuck

211. AustinAntifa

212. ScottsdaleAntiFa

213. AntifaCentralCommand

214. Atlantis Antifa

215. Planned Parenthood Action [Non-Antifa]

Planned Parenthood Action has tagged multiple Fake Antifa accounts in this extremely misleading image. —

216. The Black Widow Nantucket [Non-Antifa]

217. Exquisite Rose [Non-Antifa]

218. Exquisite Ghost [Non-Antifa]

219. Nascar Antifa

220. Litecoin Antifa [Gab]

221. Quinn [Gab]

222. Official Rancho Cucamonga Antifa

223. Antifa Jackson Hole

224. Cabo San Lucas Antifa

225. Beverly Hills Antifa

226. Boston Bob Antifa

The woman in the picture is Quinn Antifa, and used to manage Boston Antifa —

227. BeverlyHillsDSA [Non-Antifa]

@BeverlyHillsSoc is followed by Beverly Hills Antifa, an anti-Antifa troll account…
…and is following three known #FakeAntifa accounts —

228. Immigration Customs Enforcement [Non-Antifa]

@IE_ICE_ is followed by multiple troll accounts… —
…and is following troll accounts. They also blocked us after we replied to one of their tweets

229. Snoopes.Com [Non-Antifa]

This account blocked us before we knew it existed. This suggests that Fake Antifa alerted or is behind @__Snopes__.

230. Planned Parenthood Action [Non-Antifa]

231. Nikki Ash M. [Non-Antifa]
The account is also followed by multiple #FakeAntifa troll accounts —

232. Laguna Beach Antifa

233. Rep. Maxine Waters [Non-Antifa]
Mentioning my Twitter account isn’t a good idea.

234. GeoMovements parody [Non-Antifa]


@PoliteAntifa is an anti-Antifa bot account —
The account is following multiple #FakeAntifa and related accounts—
Here they are having a short conversation with a troll account linked to the Fake Antifa campaign —
Here we see the official Proud Boys (TPB) account arguing with AntifaPatton. The conversation, I suspect, is an attempt between TPB and AntifaPatton to show TPB members and supporters that antifascist activists are incoherent and aggressive, especially towards their organization. Even the Texan chapter of TPB responded to one of AntifaPatton’s tweets with an anti-liberal meme. In other words, I suspect TPB created AntifaPatton with the purpose of making Antifa look bad.

236. Banbury Antifa

237. Deine Führerin Tulpe 🌷 [Non-Antifa]

The account sponsors, a #FakeAntifa website. It also mentions Mandalay Bay Antifa,a now-defunct troll account —

238. 🌹OfficialDSA🌹 [Non-Antifa]

239. Not Maxine Waters [Non-Antifa]

The account claims he has control over the Maxine Waters troll account.
A fake Antifa-linked troll (Deine) defends @OMFGNN when someone attacks him for disbanding the Maxine account —
A fake Antifa account praises the troll work of @OMFGNN.

240. Hunters Against NRA [Non-Antifa]

The person in the video is Dustin of Boston Antifa —
The account bio links to the NRA Hunters Facebook page, which was also promoted in a Boston Antifa YouTube video (read description).

241. Hunters Against NRA [Facebook, non-Antifa]

Dustin of Boston Antifa sings about NRA membership —
The About section of the page links back to their Twitter account and YouTube channel —

242. Ban Guns [YouTube, non-Antifa]

The channel links to the Hunters Against NRA Facebook page —
Dustin complains about “2nd Amendment Trolls” —

243. Berkeley Antifa - real [Facebook]

244. Hunters Against NRA [YouTube, non-Antifa]


246. MS-13 Antifa

247. Venezuela Antifa

248. Tinder Slut Antifa

249. Planned Parenthood 1488 [Non-Antifa]
This a quote from Adolf Hitler’s 1920 speech ‘Why We Are Anti-Semites’—


251. 𝙋𝓮𝙏𝘼

252. Laguna Beach BLM

253. Laguna Beach BLM



256. Arkansas Antifa [Facebook]
Here, the account is sharing content from another fake antifascist troll —


The account is following multiple troll accounts associated with Fake Antifa —
As of June 12, the account is followed by four known troll accounts —

258. Tinder Slut Antifa

259. Gorilla Thexth Antifa


261. SuperMegaAntifa [Minds]

262. Planned Parenthood Action

263. 𝙋𝑒𝙏𝘼

264. Rose City Antifa [Facebook]

265. Rose City Antifa

266. Cabo San Lucas Antifa

267. Wall Street Antifa

268. The Proud Boys [Non-Antifa]

269. Antifa National Front [Facebook]
Antifa National Front is hosting an event with Rose City Antifa, another fake Antifa page—

270. Dustin’s Disciples

271. Red Action
The account is following many fake Antifa accounts —

272. Antifa of Connecticut [Facebook]

273. Beverly Hills Antifa [Facebook]

274. Maine Antifa [Facebook]

275. Official Chicago Antifa [Facebook]

276. Detroit Antifa [Facebook]

277. Antifa Omaha [Facebook]

278. Dixie Antifa [Facebook]

279. Dixie Antifa [YouTube]

280. Alabama Antifa [Facebook]

281. Houston Antifa Official [Facebook]

282. Laguna Beach BLM

283. VacBloc


285. Idaho Antifa

286. AntifaHonoLuLu [Gab]

287. Maine Antifa [WrongThink]


289. 𝙋𝑒𝙏𝘼 [Non-Antifa]

290. Laguna Beach Antifa BLM

291. Antifa South Florida [Facebook]

292. Miami Antifa [Facebook]
The Facebook page is trying to bait pro-Trumpists, a common fake Antifa troll tactic —

293. Super-Official Houston Antifa [Facebook]

294. Boston Antifa [Instagram]

295. Boston Antifa [Minds]

296. Boston Antifa [MySpace]

297. Boston Antifa [Bitchute]

298. Detroit ANTIFA

299. Westlake Village Antifa

300. Sydney Antifa [Facebook]

301. Maryland Antifa [Facebook]

302. ElPasoTXAntifa

303. Laguna Beach Antifa

The account is following multiple fake Antifa accounts —

304. Cincinnati AntiFa [Facebook]

305. Dallas Antifa [Facebook]

306. North Texas Antifa [Facebook]
Why would any legitimate antifascist page publicly tell its followers where it plans to have its rallies? —

307. Nevada Antifa [Facebook]

308. Colorado Antifa [Facebook]

309. Chicago Antifa [Facebook] is the website of the “North American Boy/Man Love Association”

310. West Phoenix Antifa [Facebook]
Faces were blocked out —

311. Pensacola Antifa [Facebook]

312. Horny Antifa

313. Barrow Antifa☭Ⓐ
The account also follows multiple fake Antifa accounts, as well as legitimate antifascist ones —

318. Free Speech Antifa [Instagram]

319. Louisiana Antifa [Facebook]

320. ComradeGoddess

321. SoCal Antifa [Facebook]


323. AntifaArmy [Gab]

324. Toronto Antifa

325. Toronto Antifa

326. Smash Racism DC

327. Smash Racism DC [Facebook]

328. Calgary Anti-Fascist Action [Facebook]

329. Antifa Tactical Training Videos [Facebook]

330. Antifa Central Command [Facebook]

331. Memphis Antifa [Facebook]

The account is a promoter of the November 4-Antifa Civil War conspiracy theory—

332. Catalina Island Antifa

333. Laguna Beach BLM


335. Sydney Antifa

336. Beverly Hills Antifa

337. Beverly Hills Antifa

338. Palos Verdes Antifa

339. Jackson Hole Antifa

340. University of Washington Antifa [Facebook]

341. SW Washington Antifa [Facebook]

342. boulder antifa

343. “Soros Antifa”

344. Malibu Antifa

This account promotes the Soros-Antifa conspiracy theory popular in right-wing social networks.

345. “NW Antifa”

346. Beverly Hills Antifa

347. West Texas Antifa [Facebook]

348. Smash Racism ESC

349. Malibu Antifa

What do you have to hide, Malibu Antifa?

350. Gritty

351. Oxnard Antifa

352. “Red Bob Antifa”

353. Cabo San Lucas Antifa

354. Gritty Squad

355. Vacbloc2

356. BlueBobAntifa

357. Gaston County Antifa [Facebook]

358. Saint Laguna

359. Hyannisport Antifa

This account is only followed by fake antifa accounts…
…and is following over 20 fake antifa accounts —

360. Antifa Gablitz

361. Garden State Antifa
The account follows multiple fake antifa accounts —

362. Jackson Hole Antifa

The account follows multiple fake antifa accounts —
Nice interaction with a MAGA account! —

363. Napa Valley Antifa

364. Panama City Beach Antifa


366. DC ANTIFA ☭



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American Odyssey

American Odyssey is an investigative blog about white supremacy, trolls, and other security issues in the Americas.