Neo-Nazi Group NSLF Re-emerges After Decades of Inactivity

The National Socialist Liberation Front (NSLF) has apparently returned, decades after it was dissolved in the mid-1980s.

According to its website, one of the goals of the new NSLF is to “keep alive the memory” of Joseph Tommasi, who proved to be a major influence on James Mason, a terroristic ideologue linked to the Atomwaffen Division (AWD).

The NSLF apparently has cells in six countries, including the United States, Russia, and Australia, and was “revived” on October 10, 2017 “by veterans of the Struggle,” per its mission statement.

The organization’s podcast, NSLF Radio (also known as White Power Radio), began on May 1, 2018 and was hosted by an older lady named Milissa, whose name was revealed in Episode 6 (1:43 mark), on

I listened to all eight episodes of NSLF Radio and found key information about group members, podcast guests, and the organization’s hierarchy. My notes are presented below.

Steve Bowers — Director

At the beginning of Episode 1, “follow us on NSLF radio,” Bowers is introduced as:

  • A 27-year veteran of the “white resistance movement,”
  • A “long-time leader” in the Ku Klux Klan (KKK),
  • A former member of the National Socialist White People’s Party (NSWPP).
  • An organizer for the “revived” NSLF,
  • And the editor of Revolt, the newsletter of the NSLF.

In Episode 5, “Identity Politics,” Bowers is referred to as the Director of the NSLF (1:25).

An image of the third issue of “Revolt,” the NSLF newsletter.

Sharon Robinson — Deputy Director

In Episode 2, “women of the NSLF,” Robinson is introduced as the Deputy Director of the NSLF (0:03).

At 24:46, Robinson says her email is, which suggests that Sharon Robinson is not her real name. She also sounds hesitant before giving up her email.

Robinson is also mentioned in Episode 3, “Only The Strong Survive” at 25:59.

Captain Fox

In Episode 3, “Only The Strong Survive,” Captain Fox is referred to as a “veteran” of the former NSLF organization (24:23).


Alleged member Rosemairi is mentioned in Episode 3, “Only The Strong Survive,” at 26:00.

Tracy Cantley

Alleged member Tracy Cantley is mentioned in Episode 3, “Only The Strong Survive,” at 26:02. Tracy’s supposed full name is revealed in a chat room linked to the podcast.

Vincent Snyder

In Episode 4, “Siege Culture,” Snyder is introduced as (5:56):

  • A friend of James Mason,
  • A publisher for Siege Culture,
  • And a “strong supporter” of NSLF.

After the arrest of Atomwaffen Division leader Brandon Russell, Vincent Snyder, a pseudonym, reportedly became the “most influential member” in the AWD. He also goes by “Rape” on social media, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A leaflet found on the NSLF website. It is strikingly similar to the propaganda of the Atomwaffen Division organization. (Source)

Becca and Len

In Episode 6, “Thunder From Down Under,” Becca and Len are introduced as members of the Australian cell of the NSLF (1:14). Becca appears to be a leader in that cell.

Hope McLeod

In Episode 7, “Unity,” Hope McLeod is introduced as a “strong supporter” of the NSLF (4:02). At 39:26, McLeod reveals that her profile is She says that is “pretty much my handle online.”

At 40:50, McLeod says her website is She apparently sells soap there. Contact info on the website includes: 602–422–0803 and It also appears that her Google Plus profile is

Pam Miley — Recruiter

In Episode 8, “NSLF,” Pam Miley is introduced as a recruiter who joined the NSLF in October 2017 (2:53).

At 4:07, the duo mentions this article and claims it actually benefits the organization. They also mistakenly say that I am a member of Antifa.

Termination of the Podcast

On June 27, 2018, Milissa announced the termination of NSLF/White Power Radio, effective July 8. The organization will apparently “start cohosting with thevoiceofreason” AKA Rosemairi MacLeod.

NSLF Radio Chat Log

On July 7, 2018, I accessed a chatroom linked to NSLF Radio. Download the full chat log here: