Neo-Nazis Discuss Taking ‘Direct Action’ on Expanding Terroristic Forum

From assassinating celebrities to creating fake social media accounts, neo-Nazis recently considered how to best further their ill-fated cause on a small, but growing terroristic forum.

About three months have passed since I first wrote about Fascist Forge, an international neo-Nazi forum “modeled after” the now-defunct Iron March website. Although I planned to write only once about the damned forum, I stumbled upon a lively but also potentially deadly discussion thread about how forum members can best take “direct action” against society.

Here’s what they said.

On November 5, 2018, IronWill — a veteran member of Fascist Forge— kicked off a discussion on ways to take “realistic direct action.”

“Some of us, myself included, drift between Vargpilled and wanting absolute chaos,” the potential terrorist began. “I’m sure most of you aren’t going to go tomorrow and bomb a van of niggers, but what exactly can we do, if we are to do some level of direct action?”

“Without going Breivik at the moment, what would you say are levels of destruction that can be managed at a lower level?”

Taking Direct Action… Against Infrastructure

Responses varied greatly. Some members, like Reltih, suggested using “partisan tactics” from the Second World War to “disrupt communication lines” and the electrical grid.

“[I]nfrastrucuture is a big one seeing how shitty America’s infrastructure is at the moment,” Reltih wrote. “[W]e should use disruption tactics and then jump off from there.”

A screenshot of Krokodil’s introduction post on Fascist Forge. Posted September 25.

Krokodil — who claims to be a 23-year-old paramedic in the Seattle area — opined that “disrupting infrastructure related to the distribution of natural resources/food/utilities cannot yield negative results.”

Haryos — a “Criollo Secessionist” based in Argentina, according to his profile— agreed with Krokodil, and “hypothetically” added that civil disorder and economic crises provide an opportune time to attack infrastructure with “a gang of likeminded fellows.”

During Natural Disasters

Natural calamities are also propitious to the cause, Haryos and Krokodil wrote. On December 18, the purported Argentine said fascists could act as “security forces” in the aftermath of a natural disaster. This, in turn, would make them look like a “viable source of order.”

In a separate discussion thread on November 30, Krokodil argued that natural disasters lead to “perfect opportunities” to kill others.

“We tend to focus on human initiated anarchy when we talk about the implications of Siege and collapse scenarios in general,” he wrote. “But, why not let mother nature do all the hard work and spring into action when the Gods decide it’s time?”

The fascist also suggested members in his area should meet up at Enumclaw City Hall, WA, if and when “shit hits the fan.”

“Don’t show up if you aren’t bringing a firearm,” he added.

By Radicalizing Schoolchildren

Another user said brainwashing children is a good form of direct action. Vr4 — a relatively new member from Brazil — wrote that he has connections to private school teachers.

“[T]hey said that it is easy to dominate a child’s mind if he knows the right words…giving the idea that his classmate is inferior.”

By Infiltrating Left-Wing Groups

On December 18, IronWill suggested infiltrating and manipulating left-wing organizations — “black power groups” in particular — to murder white people in order to “fuel the racial divide.”

On Social Media

To infiltrate said organizations, IronWill wrote that the “best way” is to “proxy everyone.”

“Either plan the whole thing online and get a bunch of niggers to blow up something or get a few weakling Reddit pseudofascists and groom them to hate themselves enough to blow it up themselves.
I feel that the best way to a lot of this is through online psychological and grooming warfare.”

Thirteen minutes later, Krokodil proposed creating social media accounts that “encourage infighting among the left.” Said accounts could have names like “Feminists Against Islam” and “Muslim Immigrants Against Homosexuality.”

“However,” he added, “I’d assert that IRL operations dwarf online operations in terms of effectiveness.”

On targetting Redditors, Haryos disagreed with IronWill, writing that “grooming” them won’t be enough to convince them to take action against “the System.” After all, they will still be a part of the System.

“The only way to get them to blow up a federal building is them fully believing in the worldview, not by grooming,” he asserted.

By Assassinating Celebrities and Politicians

In the same post, Haryos suggested killing a “zog [Zionist Occupied Government] mouthpiece, like a celebrity” as a viable way to sow chaos in society. That is, he wrote, “if you fancy death squads.”

Krokodil applauded the idea, writing that the psychological impact on society would be “astounding.” He continued:

“[N]ot only would it shock and strike fear into the hearts of the lemming masses (especially if the target was iced on live TV), but it would also disrupt the whole ‘distract and sedate’ technique the System so heavily relies on to pacify the population.”

By Slowly Killing Yourself

Krokodil — who named himself after an opiate analog — wrote that smoking cigarettes “habitually” would push you to attack others.

“Once you get terminal cancer, make your move.”

And in case you thought he was joking, he’s not.

“You’re going to die anyway,” he reasoned.

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