[Poem] Ten Little Narcos

Ten little narcos went to a Santa Muerte shrine,
One lost his soul and so there were Nine.

Nine little narcos fired on the fourth estate,
A bodyguard shot one and so there were Eight.

Eight little narcos attacked a servant of heaven,
God took one and so there were Seven.

Seven little narcos got their fix,
One overdosed and so there were Six.

Six little narcos drove to the countryside,
One was punished and so there were Five.

Five little narcos tortured a prisoner of war,
Guilt consumed one and so there were Four.

Four little narcos talked about being free,
One took the chance and so there were Three.

Three little narcos returned to the dark statue,
One felt betrayed and so there were Two.

Two little narcos went out as hired guns,
The eldest was captured and so there was One.

One little narco left all alone;
He pulled out his handgun,

And then there were None.

Note: This is a rewriting of a song in the novel And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.