Racist “games and cartoons” in the works, says Andrew Anglin

The Daily Stormer may soon have its own youth-oriented section, according to the website’s creator, Andrew Anglin.

On January 23, Anglin announced that a kid-friendly Daily Stormer is in development, a day after he published an article about child radicalization.

“We’re working on it. We want games and cartoons to target children 4–7 years of age,” the cyber-supremacist said in a Gab post.

His followers reacted positively to the news and even offered some video game ideas.

“Targeting children makes this movement so much more inspirational,” wrote one of Anglin’s supporters.

“I highly recommend a ‘Spot The Jew’ flash game,” wrote another.

Anglin’s statement is the latest indication that the alt and far-right movements are increasingly targeting Generation Z, in tandem with racist meme campaigns and podcasts.

However, successfully advertising racist games and cartoons to children aged 4 to 7 will prove to be a difficult task for Anglin, who will be competing with veteran media platforms, such as YouTube and Netflix.

Furthermore, explicitly procuring extremist content for children may further expose The Daily Stormer to child protection laws and increased censorship from governments around the world.