Neo-Nazi Website ‘The Daily Stormer’ Loses Domain, Retreats to the Dark Web is no more, sixty-two days after it made its debut in November 2017.

At 8:29pm EST, one of the site’s webmasters confirmed the publication was kicked off the clearnet.

“It’s kiked… it’ll only remain accessible for as long [local ISPs] keep it,” Weev wrote on The Goyim Know forum.

Andrew Anglin, too, notified his followers that The Daily Stormer has retreated into the shadows of the Dark Web.

“It was a good run. Great run… Shall resume service shortly,” he wrote on Gab.

At the time of this writing, The Daily Stormer is still accesible in some parts of the world, according to a DNS lookup. However, according to Weev, the domain’s TTL, or time to live before it will be deleted, is four days.

“Some [ISPs] will keep it for the whole length of the TTL but most will flush it after a day or so,” explained the cyber-supremacist.