To Weaponize a Meme: Neo-Nazis Plan Campaign on Dark Web Forum

“I’ve been preparing a meme campaign for Twitter that won’t get banned,” Milesius begins on The Goyim Know message board. “There has been a lot of talk about accelerationism and co-opting American symbols and nationalism to our cause.”

Milesius has been a member of the Daily Stormer-linked forum for more than 500 days and has won dozens of vulgar badges like “Crypto-Racist” and “Banned from X-Box Live for Racism,” according to his profile summary.

But perhaps his proudest achievement is his “Meme Lessons” series where he teaches his cyber-comrades how to design GIF memes and slideshow graphics.

He’s also the author of memetic warfare posts such as “Operation Hillary Memes” and “Meme War II: The Armory,” just some of the 200+ threads he’s created on The Goyim Know.

It’s clear he understands the power of extremist memes on social media.

But today, he wants to step it up a notch.

On the Meme Machine sub forum, Milesius continues:

We need to adapt. I have created 50 (and creating more) vile extreme antiwhite memes. The purpose of these memes are (sic) to provoke black twitter and eventually divide the social space with normie whites.”

He then proposes a four-phase plan to troll White normies in order “to make them aware of White Genocide”:

1. “Attract retweets and followers from black twitter.
2. Attack and make blue check mark conservatives pick a side, white supremacy or tolerance.
3. Have the alt-right on twitter attack and debate.
4. Repeat process in other languages and countries.”

It’s not a fool-proof plan. But it’s more than capable of sowing terror in the enemy camp. He just needs volunteers to carry the operation out.

“I need more people in this thread that make memes,” Milesius requests towards the end of his post.

The skilled memer reminds his fellow forum members that the “mantra” behind the campaign is, in all caps: “THE ONLY WAY TO END WHITE SUPREMACY IS TO END WHITE PEOPLE.”

He finalizes his post by uploading those “vile extreme” memes he referenced in the beginning.

And he’s right.

They are vile and extreme.

One of the memes calls for the replacement of the “hateful” American flag.

Another calls for the “extinction” of white supremacy alongside an image of an upper middle class white family.

Another reads, “Put white veterans in prison for war crimes.”

“Philando Castile would be here if white people were gone.”

“Sterilize and enslave white women.”

“Never forget Mike Brown.”

“Brown and black people will be free when these [white] children aren’t being born.”

And the list goes on… and on. The images are enough to make you sick, especially when you know the true intention of their creator.

Milesius isn’t playing around. No, he’s ready to wage another campaign against his ideological enemies. And what better way to do that than to impersonate and provoke them?

Now that’s how you weaponize a meme, he says to himself.

Satisfied with the images he’s uploaded onto the neo-Nazi haven, Milesius clicks a big blue button and the bottom left corner of his screen.

And he waits for the community’s response to his call to arms.