Trolling for Attention: The Daily Stormer ‘Endorses’ Planned Parenthood

The neo-Nazi publication The Daily Stormer championed Planned Parenthood today, raising concerns about how organizations and businesses should respond to “endorsements” from the far-right.

In a November 10 blog post, Andrew Anglin, the founder of The Daily Stormer, named Planned Parenthood as the “official abortion provider of the Alt-Right” and a “baby-killing machine.”

Anglin referred to an October 31 tweet by @PPBlackComm as a reason why the neo-Nazi website decided to “endorse” the healthcare organization.

Anglin reasons that the above tweet “actually encourages black women to kill their future welfare parasite criminals before they hatch.”

A screenshot of The Daily Stormer publication.

However, Anglin claims that “just as with my endorsement of Papa John’s pizza, I do not actually support the use of Planned Parenthood’s product, which is abortion.”

“However,” Anglin continues, “I feel it is necessary for me to endorse them as a company, in order to offer moral support in their struggle to exterminate niggers from the face of the earth by inhibiting their breeding.”

Finally, the extremist concludes with a disturbing meme mocking a pro-Planned Parenthood demonstration.

The neo-Nazi website’s so-called support of Planned Parenthood comes a week after Anglin did the same thing to the Papa John’s Pizza company, which forced the food business to condemn racism and white supremacy.

And they’re not alone.

Just a few days after Trump’s election victory, Anglin proclaimed New Balance as the “Official Shoes of White People.”

The shoe company quickly replied to the endorsement on Twitter:

And on January 4 of this year, Anglin endorsed Wendy’s as the “Official Fast Food Chain of the Alt-Right” just hours after the food company’s Twitter account tweeted a Pepe the Frog meme.

The unfortunate response to a friendly meme request was online for less than 15 minutes, according to BuzzFeed News.

Unsurprisingly, Wendy’s briefly replied to the public relations crisis:

As of the time of this writing, Planned Parenthood has not responded to Anglin’s recent blog post.

But if the nonprofit does decide to respond, it should think about how it may be proactive about it.

Anglin and company are trying to attract more eyes to their troublesome website by seemingly co-opting legitimate organizations. And are only empowered when their target releases a public condemnation soon thereafter.

Instead of condemning racism via simple public statements, Planned Parenthood, and potential future victims of racist endorsements, should donate to organizations that expose and fight racism online, like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Doing so will keep the public happy and perhaps even encourage some of them to donate to the aforementioned nonprofits.

Everybody wins except The Daily Stormer and those who would wince at the sight of righteousness.