White Supremacists Consider Infiltrating Military Academies, Wildlife Conservation Agencies

A white identity extremist recently discussed how young radicals could gain combat and survival skills to better serve the white supremacy movement in the United States.

On The Right Stuff extremist forum, user Wood-Ape kicked off a forum thread titled “Thread for career options (w. infiltration possibilities)?

“I thought a thread could be made for the young goys out there for [the] purpose of good career paths,” the cyber-supremacist began on March 28, 2018.

“Especially ones where /ourguys/ could be the most use as men on the inside.”

Wood-Ape suggested sending young men to “Military Service Academies” where they could get high-quality education and attain “officer placements” to deter the supposed Communist penetration of federal institutions.

“One well-placed military officer is worth a thousand or more street marchers,” the supremacist concluded in his first post in the thread.

A screenshot of Wood-Ape’s original post.

Twelve minutes later, the same user proposed infiltrating forest and wildlife conservation agencies, such as the US Forest Service, and various state departments of natural resources and wildland firefighting.

Wood-Ape reasoned that these career paths are the “closest thing I can think of to old-style military campaigning” without requiring a college degree and being used by the “ZOG globalist agenda.”

“It’s nationalistic in a sense, you are protecting the land.”

He also wrote how skills like using “communication and incident command protocols” and fighting intense wildland fires could come in handy during a “RaHoWa,” a racist acronym for racial holy war.

Various screenshots of Wood-Ape’s discussion about infiltrating the government.

White supremacists have long attempted to infiltrate military and law enforcement agencies in the country, but the aforementioned discussion suggests they are evaluating new ways to improve the defensive and offensive capabilities of right-wing extremist organizations without risking their lives in war, especially considering the tense international relations of the United States.

Wildland firefighters carry their gear into the field. Photo by Thomas Haney and found on Backpacker.com

Furthermore, penetrating military academies and wildlife conservation agencies may not raise as many red flags as enlisting in the military, which recently seems to be cracking down on white supremacy among the rank and file.

However, it is important to recall that the Trump administration recently proposed slashing the federal parks and environment budget, which may inadvertently limit white supremacist efforts to infect that sector of the government.