YouTube to Invest $5 Million to Combat Hate

Source: AP

YouTube is increasing its investment in its Creators for Change program, which seeks to counter hate and promote inclusion with the help of “inspiring creators.” But will the initiative adequately address rising alt-right influence on the website?

On January 24, Juniper Downs, the Head of YouTube Public Policy, announced the company will provide $5 million in “production and marketing support” to select content creators in 2018.

“We will engage more creators in the program, arm the wider YouTube community with new tools and education on how to create change, and empower more young people to use their voices to encourage positive social messages,” Downs said in a statement.

However, concerns remain about the alt-right’s expanding influence on YouTube.

According to a recent report by Right Wing Watch, alt-right personalities, such as Richard Spencer and Tim Gionet, are increasingly reaching out to young people on the platform.

Richard Spencer in a debate on YouTube. (Image Source)

Prominent YouTuber Andy Warski has also uploaded so-called “bloodsports” or debates about politically-charged topics, such as “race realism” and the legality of hitting protesters.

Furthermore, the report states, YouTube’s pay-to-type “Super Chat” feature is being used to better spread racist messages and raise funds.

So while YouTube is indeed increasing its efforts to promote diversity, the company may also want to encourage its legion of creators to neutralize the influence of their alt-right counterparts, which may prevent more young people from falling into the abyss of the alt-right.