Amethyst Dreams
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Amethyst Dreams

Crystal Magick Secrets

The Prosperous Stone Worker Begins With Three Crystals

Crystal magick to wake the beginner’s mind

aventurine, quartz crystal point, lodestone
Photo of Author’s Crystals by Amethyst Qu

Crystal magick may have been the first magick. It’s easy, natural, and harms none. Ten thousand years ago, the link between stone and worker was intuitive. A sparkling crystal caught the eye, the worker claimed the stone, and the magick…




An adventure in natural magic. Crystal, dreams, the stars, intuition, messages written as often in the way moonlight dances on water as in the turn of the cards…

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Amethyst Qu

Amethyst Qu

Author of “The Moldavite Message.” Join here: Read here: And here:

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