By Justin Cruz, American Family Insurance vice president of inclusive excellence

American Family is committed to inspiring, protecting and restoring dreams. You hear us mention this time and again. That’s because all our decisions are intentionally aligned with this idea — and our most recent steps forward are certainly no exception.

The American Family Insurance 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
The American Family Insurance 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
The American Family Insurance 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

The 2018 American Family Corporate Responsibility Report is a collection of stories and data highlighting our mission to protect the things that matter most. I encourage you to read the report and share it with others.

It’s a great overview of the various ways American Family is creating positive change — in our workplaces, in the environment, and by sparking innovation and progress in our communities.

The areas I just mentioned are related to the three pillars of our corporate responsibility strategy: people, environment, and community. Our commitment goes beyond speeches — we’ve put financial resources, time and effort into each of these areas.

For example, in 2018:

American Family gave more than $12 million to nonprofit and community organizations across the country.

Our people came together to volunteer more than 10,000 hours to United Way.

We provided more than $887,000 in employee tuition support.

Our environmental practices diverted 76% of our waste from landfills.

Our solar commitment increased our renewable energy production 417%.

With this deep support, we’re working to create better lives for people in the communities where we live and work. Our intentional planning for the future also shows our commitment.

Through the Spark building in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, we’ve modeled sustainable building practices and a healthy work environment, while providing creative ties to the community through DreamBank and public events. And our newly established Institute for Corporate and Social Impact will invest in exceptional social entrepreneurs, building scalable and sustainable businesses in a long-term effort to close equity gaps in America.

We’re building on this foundation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by expanding our operations and creating a downtown presence. With extensive community partnerships and philanthropic support, we will make a meaningful difference in this city. Integrating ourselves into diverse communities — like Milwaukee — helps neighborhoods become more equitable and builds a diverse talent pipeline and inclusive practices.

All of these corporate responsibility efforts are sparked by inspiration and aspiration … to bring our people, environment and communities together to create healthy futures for us all. Please join me in celebrating our progress and working toward a healthy and more equitable future.

Protecting What Matters Most

At American Family Insurance, we recognize that social and environmental challenges are complex and require transformation at all levels of business and government. Through our Corporate Responsibility, American Family Insurance serves as a catalyst for conversation and innovation in these areas, transcending traditional norms and sparking ideas with the mission of protecting dreams.

We firmly believe in the dreams of our customers, our employees and the communities we serve. We are proud to protect those dreams today and work to ensure all are empowered to dream tomorrow.

Learn more about this work at American Family Insurance — and the stories behind it — in our second annual Corporate Responsibility Report.


Meet the employees who inspire, protect and restore dreams.

American Family Insurance

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American Family Insurance is committed to inspire and help you discover, pursue and protect your dreams. #DreamFearlessly



Meet the employees who inspire, protect and restore dreams.

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