ARCA Presented the First Propulsion Modules and the Upgraded Return Capsule Design for Its Asteroid Mining Program

Dumitru Popescu
AMi Exploration
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3 min readJul 9


ARCA’s asteroid mining project backed by the company’s AMiE crypto made a new major step forward as ARCA presented the first five Propulsion Modules for the world’s biggest rocket, EcoRocket Heavy.

This 5,440 tons rocket is developed by ARCA to serve as a launch vehicle for the AMi Exploration, asteroid mining program.

These first five flight ready propulsion modules are forming an orbital rocket in themselves, named EcoRocket 5 with the capability to launch 200 kg into LEO.

ARCA presented this rocket configuration with a 1/6 scaled-down asteroid mining AMiE Cargo spacecraft mockup on top.

While the presentation of this 200kg spacecraft mockup was made for promotional purposes, ARCA may use the scaled-down concept of this spacecraft for orbital tests to validate some of the design features for the full size AMi Cargo spacecraft, especially in relation to the capsule reentry and the arc-electric plasma engine.

The AMi Cargo spacecraft design also received an upgrade, as the capsule’s diameter increased from 2.4 m to 7.2 m.

The capsule, designed to return precious metals from asteroid mining operations will no longer use parachutes for recovery, the team opting instead, through the increase of capsule frontal area, for a crash landing of the capsule.

ARCA already scheduled Mission 12 for this year with the purpose to validate through a drop test the crash landing procedure for the new capsule design.

EcoRocket Heavy and the AMi Cargo spacecraft are the world’s first major pieces of hardware purposely built for commercial asteroid mining operations.

As Earth resources get rapidly depleted, ARCA Space aims to unlock the biggest wealth source through asteroid-mining operations, using present-day technology and a clear timeline. Our target are precious metals like platinum, gold, rhodium, tungsten, and the like.

The fist asteroid mining mission is set for 2027 targeting to return $1 billion worth of precious metals until 2031.

We have 24 years of experience and achievements in cutting-edge space technology.

ARCA Space issued the AMi Exploration token in support of its asteroid-mining program.

The AMiE Token holders will be able to purchase the returned precious metals with priority and exchange the AMiE Tokens for the returned precious metals.