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Top 7 Baby Boomer Trends Influencing Their Lifestyle Today

Baby boomers have always been trendsetters. From starting the fitness craze to buying minivans and chauffeuring their kids to play dates, baby boomers set a series of trends, some of which you see today as well. Born between 1946 and 1964, the baby boomer generation makes up a substantial portion of the world’s population, especially in developed nations like the US i.e. 20%. Along with being trendsetters, baby boomers have comfortably adapted to multiple attitudes and lifestyles, unlike any previous generation.

Experts at Harvard School of Public Health predicted the baby boomer generation to redefine expectations of retirement and ageing. Some boomers still care for their parents while raising their own kids, but find a way to make time for themselves. The rising use of technology and social media has helped boomers set new trends for their generation.

Here are top 7 baby boomer trends influencing their lifestyle today, while increasing respect and importance for themselves among later generations:

1) Postponing retirement

A lot of baby boomers plan to continue working after 65 and those who do, wish to make a career change. As baby boomers age, they are willing to explore new opportunities by switching career paths. Some might choose to go for professional consulting or being a tutor — continue using their knowledge from years of work experience, while some try getting into the entrepreneurial world.

2) Going back to school

It is never too late to learn. Schools and colleges today see a mixed bag of students, including boomers. Some baby boomers go back to school to complete a degree or get further education and learn something new. This helps them feel younger by socializing with a relatively younger crowd and with their years of knowledge and work experience, they contribute to making class discussions more interactive.

3) Travel and adventure

Research states that more than 60% of boomers want to get involved in sports, travel and adventure related activities, regardless of their age. Hiking, road trips, skydiving are just some of the activities that they are signing up for. Some baby boomers who plan family holidays and are travelling with their kids might also lookup trips that could be active and educational.

4) Exploring technology

Boomers grew up before technology and the internet was a part of everyday life. Their generation is often ridiculed for not being tech-savvy, however, research shows that boomers are catching up with technology. More than 50% of boomers today own a smartphone and a majority of them use social media with Facebook being the most popular platform. This notion of boomers not being good with technology — that’s not their inability to learn or adapt to it. Boomers are not interdependent on technology, rather use it to enhance their lifestyle.

5) Blogging

Talking about the rise of technology and social media, a lot of baby boomers are creating their own blogs. There are more boomers online than people know and blogging is one way they share their wisdom and experience with the world. It helps them keep in touch with the world and stay stimulated and motivated even after retirement.

6) Home improvement

According to a new survey, baby boomers are focusing on home improvements rather than downsizing. More than 80% of baby boomers who own a home are looking to renovate in the next 3 years. They are choosing to age in place through updates and new installations, making their current home a better and safer place to live. Their independence and innovation make them stay stimulated and live in the comfort of their own homes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

7) Participation in various social activities

Growing up without the internet, baby boomers prefer public, face-to-face outings and consider being around friends and family as the key to happiness. The baby boomer generation is more outgoing and thus, activities like group yoga, art galleries, sporting and cultural events are more popular among them. Volunteering and dating have also reclaimed popularity among baby boomers.

Baby boomers are by far the single largest and most influential demographic group in history with the changes they’ve been through growing up and the trends they’ve set along the way. Baby boomer trends today are redefining retirement and ageing by carving out their own niches as bloggers, influencers, technology/ travel experts and improving their lifestyle.

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