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Why the Silent Generation Needs to be Heard Today

‘The ‘Silent Generation’ is a term coined by Time Magazine in 1951 and describes them as a group that was hard-working but quiet. People from this generation are also seen as ambitious with a desire to help others. The Silent Generation, also known as the Traditionalist Generation comprises people born between 1925 and 1945.

According to author Elmwood Carlson, the silent generation should be called ‘The Lucky Few.’ Born during the upheaval of The Great Depression and World War ll, they grew up with a strong work ethic, appreciation for family and the smaller things in life.

It is called the silent generation since people from this generation are often forgotten, but there is so much we can learn from them. They witnessed the greatest period of economic boom ever seen by the US and also majorly contributed to its prosperity. Here are some reasons why the silent generation needs to be heard today:

1) They are traditional

No surprises here, since they are also known as ‘The Traditionalist Generation.’ They believe in long, gruelling hours of hard work. They believe it is important to earn respect. They believe in morals, values, loyalty, safety and old-time traditional education and business models. These characteristics are what made them one of the most accomplished generations, leaving inspirational and motivational stories behind them, for the later generations.

2) Their willpower and determination

The silent generation grew up in a time of depression, war and economic turmoil, without the luxuries and privileges we are blessed with today. This period saw great unemployment and made it difficult for many to have basic necessities. In spite of these hurdles, they went on to become successful since they had strong willpower and determination. This ‘can-do’ attitude reflected in their professional as well as personal relations. They considered work a privilege, stayed disciplined and upheld their values and gratitude, ultimately resulting in being the wealthiest generation.

3) They are self-starters and spawned the first of many

The silent generation went through a lot of hardships. Most of them didn’t have the choice to rely on their parents and had to work their way up from scratch. They are responsible for developing NASA, creating vaccines for a number of diseases and also pursuing equality through the Civil Rights Movement. The silent generation has made and continues to make outstanding contributions to society. Inspirational stories of the great contributors from the silent generation should be known to all today, which can help imbibe the same values among them and create a bigger sense of purpose.

4) They are the most knowledgeable and experienced generation

Not only did the traditionalists find a way to survive a difficult period, but also managed to go over and above by being a successful generation. Along with their values, hard work, loyalty and determination to be useful, they paved new and improved paths in all aspects, without an abundance of resources and technology. Their knowledge and experience proved to transform the world and make it a better place for themselves and future generations.

Imagine how the world could turn if people today were truly inspired and had the same characteristics as the silent generation. We have the resources, the money, the technology and the creativity. Learning about the silent generation by listening to them, reading up on them, taking their advice and having more of their work included as study material in schools can help steer the youth towards an exceptional future.

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