Open Letter to Pr. Joordens

Dear Professor Joordens,

Do you remember me? I was in your classroom, sitting 10,000 kilometers away from you. And you changed my life. Remember?

A year ago you teached a class, introduction to psychology, through coursera. I know there were probably thousands of students sitting in the classroom, but you never left a student felt un-attended.

Writing this letter is hard for me, because I’m trying hard: resisting not to write a love letter, but you can understand, you are my favorite professor of all time.

Good professors make you learn, great ones inspire curiosity.

That’s what you did for me, remember? I was an architecture student looking to better understand humans in order to build better buildings. Your class was so amazing, that I could not stop wondering “what else?”. And that’s how you changed my life: I’m changing my majors after three years of studying architecture. And it does not feel like a loss at all. It’s just excitement.

You didn’t have any special tools or didn’t use any fancy software to videocast your class. But you made it one of the best mooc I’ve ever taken, as your extension of warmth is borderless.

And you were too cool to not to answer my questions, one by one. I hope you know how amazing and encouraging that is, for an over-achiever student with lots of questions.

Ah doctor Joordens,

Thank you.

Your distant student,

Amir All