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2022 Launch

Although I was targeting the Launch of Amity Haven for January of 2022 we ended with far more initial activity in December than I had initially imagined.

We participated in two Global Coherence Exercises and ordered a Global Coherence Device so in the future our contribution can be included in the total Global measurement.

We ended up making 3 donations in the month of December including a Donation to The Kids Food Basket, another to Food for the Hungry and then a 3rd donation to restore-earth that not only splits donations between 3 organizations, including 5Gyres which is dedicated to cleaning the oceans of plastics, Global Brigades which is dedicated to reforestation and SELF which is dedicated to providing solar electricity to communities without access to the electrical grid, but also creates a give once give forever process through

The websites may not be up for a couple more months but is active and ready to go now, yet still a work in progress. The medium publication is proving to be a bit easier to maintain so I might just point the domain to it, but we’ll see how it goes.

That’s it for the January newsletter, see you in February!

With genuine appreciation,





The three levels of Self-Determinations: 1. Internal or introspective Self-Determination 2. External or outer intention Self-Determination (Coherence / Humanitarian Aid) 3. Separate and Equal Status of Self-Determination (International Law)

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Introspection, Global Coherence, Humanitarian / Disability Aid, Ocean Clean-Up / Reforestation Charities, International Law and Privacy Coins.

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