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Decentralized Commodity Investing

As you examine and understand Amity Haven we genuinely suggest that you start at the home page and navigate menus in order from left to right.

It’s very important to attain a certain level of internal mastery, what we call ‘Unity of Being’ before traveling down the road with us. This is simply the most important element to becoming a full member of Amity Haven.

From that point we start to focus on radiating this Unity of Being out into the world or what we call, ‘Global Coherence’ and then we start to participate more directly, first with donations and later with direct action. We will focus on Humanitarian Aid, Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter with particular focus on aiding those with Disabilities as they have extra hurdles to overcome. Beyond direct Humanitarian Aid we will also focus on the Environment, from cleaning up the Oceans of Plastics (Amity Haven is now an Ambassador to 5 Gyres) to Reforestation to reinvigorating the Topsoil and providing Solar Power to those without Electricity.

Being a micronation, we will specifically avoid any Political Action or really any thing that could be seen as trying to effect change in the affairs of another Nation.

Once our Intentions are balanced, ‘Unity of Being’, and our Attention is prioritized, ‘Global Coherence and Humanitarian and Environmental Aid’, we will of course focus on the long term wealth of Amity Haven.

While not restricting ourselves strictly away from the Classic Financial Systems, we do plan on focusing on the New Age (Defi) systems. The world is still approximately 50% unbanked and the new models of Finance are Permission-less and Exclusion-less.

One particular area that is ripe for re-invention is Decentralized Commodity Investment. It’s true that Bitcoin and Ethereum and other top 100 coins have radically outpaced the Classic Financial Systems, so there will come a time in the very near future where the Blockchain extends itself out into the world of Commodities.

Bitcoin and the Blockchain spent the last 10 years in a highly speculative state and with this level of speculation brought about an equally volatile state. Bitcoin, the Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Oracles, Privacy, Data and Storage (from here on out called ‘DEFI’) have now evolved to the point where they can truly start to encompass and eventually allow the Classic Financial Systems to be immersed into this modern Decentralized Technology.

When the Internet came out we would use the phone system with dial up modems to connect to it and now we make phone calls over the internet. In that same way, we expect the Classic Financial Systems to one day operate fully in the DEFI space. Bitcoin and the rest of the Decentralized world have grown exponentially over the last 10 years, but this is unsustainable long term. We now need to start looking at long term sustainability in these systems.

With the Economic Decline well underway, DEFI is well positioned to disintermediate, refine and make more efficient, the Classic Financial Systems. There is significant pressure on the Classic Financial System right now. Equity isn’t correlated with the underlying assets and inflation is causing mayhem. Where Bitcoin is still trying to hit the $1 Trillion Dollar Mark, Global Commodities alone are closer to $20 Trillion and the entire Classic Financial Systems are likely in the Quadrillions, so there is much room for growth and maybe the only place for growth is the Defi world.

In todays Classic Financial Systems, getting exposure to commodities is like navigating a labyrinth full of hurdles while blindfolded and with the exponential growth of Defi there are now many high net worth individuals looking to move their money into the real world (so to speak), but in a new age sort of way, not in the old Medieval Classic Financial sort of way. The new age tech world doesn’t need an army of Scholars, Attorneys and Intermediaries gatekeeping the Commodities world. It allows low cost consensus (trust) mechanisms handle most of this work.

In the same way that groups like are looking to shake up the system of Donations and Charities, which Amity Haven already has a small part in, with it’s give once give forever model, we will be looking for the next big DEFI Commodity opportunity.

Edit: Upon examination after writing this article I did find a DEFI solution looking to expand into the commodities marketplace called Comdex Their blog is even a medium blog at so we are now following their every update. They chose the ATOM IBC network of Blockchains which is a great start and they even airdropped COMDEX tokens to particular IBC networks including LUNA, ATOM and OSMOSIS. I think it would have been in their best interest to also include the Secret Network, as any time you are wanting to involve High Net Worth Individuals you need to have a certain level of privacy available to them and the Secret Network was already a part of the IBC family. Other than, we look forward to seeing what they get up to.

Edit: This is a must watch video to understand the new age of Stablecoins, Commodity Derivatives, and Pegging Arbitrage.

There is a very interesting project called that is far too complicated to full explain here. They are going to create a Global Yield Derivative full of Stable Coins and Commodities as collateral in conjunction with an arbitrage bot and burn mechanism to create two tokens, one pegged to the USD and the other representing the GYD. Again, they chose the IBC networks, which is huge and they chose to launch on the Secret Network which should make them the first mover in this space. They are scheduled to launch this month. Again, High Net Worth Individuals want privacy and to this point anything like Shade, including Maker/DAI or Luna/UST are fully Public other than you can use the Secret Network to move into and out Luna and UST Tokens as they are both on the IBC Network of Chains and tradeable on the Secret DEX.

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