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Founders Letters Washington / Jay

We wish to get an idea of what the Founders were dealing with in regards to the Articles of Confederation, or what they sometimes referred to as excessive democracy, and the amount of greed, self-importance and pettiness among the Former British Subjects.

Washington and Jay and the other Founding Fathers are actually in a bit of shock how extreme these former British Subjects are. It was time get them under control or the Nation would fail and they would be at the mercy of not only the British this time but also much of Europe would be allied with Britain. Please closely examine the respect they show each other.

As I add more letters between Washington and some of the other founders, like Madison, things start to become clear. Under the Articles of Confederation, the People are terribly behaved and unruly. I liken it to giving prisoners control of the Government. The Founders have to come up with a plan and it needs to happen quickly. The vast majority of state legislators are skeptical of any expansion of the Federal Government, yet a strong Federal Government is the only thing that can save America.

There is really only one man who has garnered immense faith amongst the states and the people but this man is humble enough that he wants to be finished with Politics. He doesn’t want to be a part of the greed and contempt. Eventually, his friends convince him, he’s the only one who can America and he gives in. He becomes the first ever President of the United States and his Presidency is the difference between the Constitution superseding the Articles of Confederation.




The three levels of Self-Determinations: 1. Internal or introspective Self-Determination 2. External or outer intention Self-Determination (Coherence / Humanitarian Aid) 3. Separate and Equal Status of Self-Determination (International Law)

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Introspection, Global Coherence, Humanitarian / Disability Aid, Ocean Clean-Up / Reforestation Charities, International Law and Privacy Coins.

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