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Global Coherence Jan 2 2022: Creating New Hope

This is our very first Global Coherence Initiative as Amity Haven

Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus

We will be joining the HeartMath Institute and hope you will join us @ Amity Haven in contributing to this amazing event.

December 18

Session #1 @ 4 am PT 7 am ET

Session #2 @ Noon PT 3 PM ET

Session #3 @ 8 pm PT 11 PM ET

Get a sensor from and take the free course. Then join us all to lower crime rate, decrease conflict, purify water and more. Here is the newsletter from HeathMath Institute.

Care Focus: Creating New Hope1. Center yourself in the heart and breathe the feeling of appreciation for a minute or two. Appreciation warms our heart and raises our vibration for more effective meditations and day‑to‑day interactions.
2. Now radiate heart feelings of genuine care and compassion into the energetic field environment. Experience these feelings sincerely within your own heart to strengthen your care focus practice.
3. Let’s radiate our collective compassion and gratitude to caregivers who have had to sacrifice their safety throughout the pandemic so that others could live. See people not fading on the outpouring of appreciation to them, because it provides a true supportive energy that can make a lot of difference in their resilience and capacity to sustain.
4. See people throughout the world exploring the benefits of forgiveness and the release of stress and anguish this would bring on a personal and collective level. See more people opening their hearts to the need for compassionate latitude in their interactions. This increases the hope for people getting along with each other and creating solutions together for the benefit of all.
5. Let’s close by radiating our compassionate care to all who are suffering hardships, trauma, or sadness during these present global challenges.

Summary: Our first Amity Haven contribution to the Global Coherence Initiative. There were 3 sessions each 8 hours apart or in another sense one long session that people can join throughout a 24+ hour timeline. We joined up at two of those times for the 1st and 3rd session. As the HeartMath institute is US based it makes sense that most of the participants were American, but when we panned around the global view inside the app we discovered participation from Europe, Mexico, South Africa and the Caribbean. We don’t yet have a sensor to contribute to the readings but we have one on order ready for the next initiative. As always, becoming heart centered and focusing coherence globally is not only very beneficial globally but has very beneficial effects on ourselves as well. Heal yourself, heal the world, heal the world hear ourselves.

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