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Humanitarian and Disability Aid

At Amity Haven we have a particular focus that includes Humanitarian Aid (food, clothing, water, shelter), Disability Aid (for families with special needs) and the major Environmental Concerns, including Ocean Clean-Up, Reforestation, Soil Regeneration and Sustainable Animal Farming.

Being a Nation means acting like a Nation and therefore we go out of our way NOT to exercise direct influence over the affairs of other Nations or it’s Citizens. We generally do not donate to Organizations trying to change Government Policy or “Fighting” for rights. Basically, any organization with an army of scholars and attorneys is an organization trying to push a narrative or policy and we merely wish to help those in need. We also choose to directly contribute to the clean-up of this beautiful planet, especially the Oceans, Forests and Soil without choosing any particular side of any foreign policy.

We recently discovered a couple of amazing sites that have hundreds of humanitarian aid, animal protection, nature conservation and more, type charities, including 501c3s, NGOs, Foundations, etc. and they already have integrated Bitcoin and other Crypto payments into their platform.

We are looking to join / support / donate to those organizations.

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