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Michael J Klarman — The Framers Coup

Similar to the previous post about Dr Eric Nelson and his book ‘The Royalist Revolution’ the vast majority of Americans fundamentally misunderstand the Founding of America and Michael J Klarman is here to clear up the confusion. The Articles of Confederation was NOT a resounding success, quite the opposite, and something desperate needed to happen quickly. Power needed to be taken away from Direct Populous Influence of the People.

These men provided us the details, specifically, word for word, how they ceased being Subjects, showed us every document, created a Compact with their Signatures (not ours), showed us where and how the authority to do so came from, twice, wrote the authority into their Constitution and published their Constitution for us to read and have since explained it over and over and over within in the writings of Jurists, U.N. Resolutions, Treaties. They published personal letters to and from each other, full of class, kindness, decorum and honor, pleading with us to be better, reminding us that when choose to be better our world will reflect those changes. This is the aim of Amity Haven, to summarize it all.




The three levels of Self-Determinations: 1. Internal or introspective Self-Determination 2. External or outer intention Self-Determination (Coherence / Humanitarian Aid) 3. Separate and Equal Status of Self-Determination (International Law)

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Introspection, Global Coherence, Humanitarian / Disability Aid, Ocean Clean-Up / Reforestation Charities, International Law and Privacy Coins.

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