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Our 3rd Donation: Perpetual Endowments Angel Protocol

Simplified endowments that empower charities to spend less on funding. Give once, give forever. Currently the yield is over 15% yearly and the fund grows by more than 2.5X in 10 years.

Charity endowments grow at yield-high rates. Each month, a portion of the endowment is released to the charities liquid account for immediate access. The Angel Protocol is a revolutionary idea for sustainable giving and sustainable growth. — Reforestation — Ocean Plastics Clean-Up — Solar for those without electricity

We, at Amity Haven absolutely love this idea. You can buy the primary HALO token and stake it, 75% of the earnings goes to the community fund and is voted on by HALO token holders for distribution to Charities. OR. You can pick specific targeted charities, the amount is staked and monthly endowments are sent to the specified charity as liquid assets. Donate once, provide forever.

Our goal at Amity Haven is be to a Tier 7 Donor / Partner (highest Tier donation) supporter of Angel Protocol, hopefully within a couple years or maybe even quicker. As an example, a $10000 donation, the charity receives $2000 immediately, at least $1200/yr and reinvests $400/yr every year, forever!

The idea of participating in a voting governance system with proposals, donations and regular block rewards, most of which are given as charity, is a brilliant idea and we cannot wait to participate in this. We missed HALO token initial offering by two days but look forward to participating at the very next opportunity.

We cannot wait to display our NFTs here on Amity Haven as we progress through the Tiers.

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