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Regenerative Animal Farming

Such a hot topic of opposition and drama!

The Carnivores and the Vegan/Vegetarians can argue all they want, but neither side is going to convince the other side they are wrong. For every so-called ‘fact’ one finds proving their ideology, there is an equal fact proving the opposite. Our ancestors lived and thrived in every part of the world from the lush vegetation of the Amazon Jungles to the icy Tundra with nothing to eat but fish. Until recently, Humans adapted themselves to the environment. Today we bend the will of the environment to ourselves, but this will not last forever. Nature is the master balancing force, infinitely more wise than Human, it’s time we stop bending Nature to our will and learn to live Sustainably and Regeneratively and to do this requires cooperation and peace.

The Vegan/Vegetarian types like to stand themselves up on a pedestal of moral high ground but anyone who has ever studied Plants knows that a Plant can suffer too. We know this from ultrasonic and photographic evidence. Anyone who has ever studied Animals knows that a conscious caring farmer can end the life of an Animal without it suffering. Anyone who has seen the 90% of the Monocrop Agriculture, full of it’s Fertilizers, Pesticides, Herbicides and Insecticides, with the massively compacted and depleted soils and literally NO LIFE except for the single type of vegetable grown also knows that this process kills something 75% to 90% all other life in those areas and is no better than the Industrialized Feed Lots where we raise of our Animals. We know that there are Net Negative Carbon Animal Farms in existence today when a Farmer chooses to practice Sustainable Farming.

In any relationship problems arise when one or both of them has an out of balance level of self-importance. In the Vegetable Grower vs Animal Farmer Community as it sits today, the Vegetarians and Vegans need to own up to this and correct this imbalance if Humanity hopes to bring lasting Sustainability to the Environment. Sure, there are always people on both sides with self-importance issues, but what I’m talking about are the ones who had the knee jerk compulsive reaction to pointing this out, instead of taking a few moments in self contemplation and really choosing to change their thoughts, emotions and therefore their reactions.

Any time a solution that arises it will paralyze you when you believe the problem isn’t with you, instead it’s the fault of those others and this means you stopped contributing to the solution and are now part of the problem. For instance, “we need to get all people to stop eating meat or the environment will never improve”. Now, you are doing nothing productive. When both sides decide to cooperate and maybe even compete with a certain level of benevolence, the evidence will reveal itself. If Vegetarians genuinely live longer and healthier lives and their Agricultural practices prove to be more effective, then Carnivores and Animal Farmers will start to switch. If on the other hand, this proves not to be true, we will have the practices in place for people to resume a diet more rich in animal products.

To the Animal Farmer, stop the defensiveness, stop working so hard to defend yourselves and instead use that energy to keep stepping up your game, consciously doing better each year, sequestering more carbon, increasing topsoil and treating animals better and better.

We as Humans, really need to grow up, quickly, and start to take steps, to really learn to work together, to stop being in opposition and to really start cooperating or it will get bad. We need to clean the Oceans of Plastics, we need to Re-Forest not just the actual forests, but use similar Reforestation practices as part of the process of replenishing the worlds topsoil in conjunction with growing both animals and agriculture more sustainably, but to do this we need to start cooperating today.

Here are some resources that are intended to bring us together, not further into opposition.




The three levels of Self-Determinations: 1. Internal or introspective Self-Determination 2. External or outer intention Self-Determination (Coherence / Humanitarian Aid) 3. Separate and Equal Status of Self-Determination (International Law)

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Introspection, Global Coherence, Humanitarian / Disability Aid, Ocean Clean-Up / Reforestation Charities, International Law and Privacy Coins.

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