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Chapter #16: Matt Kahn

Whatever Arises Love That and Everything is Here to Help You.

Everything is Here to Help You and Whatever Arises Love That

Another great with amazing insights is Matt Kahn with “Everything is Here to Help You” and “Whatever Arises Love That”

Hopefully, you have examined and realized that an underlying benevolence sits in parallel with all of malevolence, patiently, waiting for you. It’s time to put it to work, moment by moment. From time to time, your attention will get dragged back to it’s focus on busy monkey mind malevolence, like a trick of the ego, struggling to stay in control. Be as disciplined as possible at recognizing this as soon as possible, the sooner you can interrupt this mode of operation the better off you will be overall.

Imagine, you are driving around running errands in heavy traffic and becoming annoyed that you might not get back in time for X. You become more and more impatient with every driver around you. This goes on for a while, but then you remember the 2nd Insight. “Everything is Here to Help You Whatever Arises Love That”. There is a quiet unassuming benevolence that permeates all of reality and Everything is Here to Help You realize this, no matter what it is, Whatever Arises Love That. When you manage to get in to this state, the Destructive Pendulums are starved and losing momentum while the Game you were playing just switched from the Finite to the Infinite.

Whatever Arises Love That Talk:

When you can live the following viscerally, “I am not troubled by this world”, you are well and truly on your way.

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