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Why a Nation?

Why did we choose a Nation vs a Non-Profit, Foundation or NGO?

Hopefully, as you read more and more, specifically in the International Law Education series it will become clear why a Nation?

We have nothing against any type of organization that chooses to improve the planet and those that live on it, no matter what form this organization takes. But, very few have discovered the benefits of a Nation or the level of responsibility that comes with it. We may even one day form a Foundation or NGO in a nation that we have a treaty with.

Between The Book ‘The Law of Nations’, the various Constitutions, the many Treaties, Resolutions and Jurists writings, particularly in reference to the Right of Self-Determination and the definition of a Citizen and much more, brought us to the conclusion that a Nation is the best way forward. Being a Nation affords us a bit of distance, more of an arms length relationship with the larger nations we know today. One of the Nations I was previously a member of has been around since the late 80s and still exists today. In many ways, we at Amity Haven are just duplicating the success they have had, but from a place of Unity of Being.

We also prefer to operate on the Blockchain and like to think of ourselves as some of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin, dipping our toes as early as 2012. The technology is amazing and is quickly outpacing the more traditional methods of Banking, Brokers, Marketplaces and more. There are a few more strings attached to Federal Banking systems than we would prefer so we choose to use them as little as possible. The world isn’t quite ready to 100% operate on the Blockchain, but it’s getting closer every day and Amity Haven is ready now. Plus, Blockchains are exclusion-less and permission-less and while that can be both a blessing and a curse depending how you use them, it teaches personal responsibility, which we believe is necessary for the future.

It’s time for the average person on this planet to step into their role as a direct steward of all things whole, from treating the environment with respect, to fostering diversity of various species, to ensuring that there are not places where food goes to waste while other places starve, to fully participate in the lives of those with disabilities and to aid in the collective wisdom and maturity of those still engulfed in drama and fighting.

We want you understand what’s going on and to closely examine several topics. When you are studying the following topics, I cannot stress enough, just how important it is to start off with a new clarity. Try and read and examine from fresh eyes, without the bias of the past or preconceived ideas, or without automatic or habitual skepticism. This is so so so important. The volumes of writings on these topics is immense and would take several lifetimes just to read all the works produced by the United Nations, Jurists, Treaties, Resolutions, going back to Vattel ‘Law of Nations’ and even before with Cicero, Aristotle and Socrates. Those who run the major nations of this world do not take the subject matter lightly. While it’s easy to conclude that the UN is evil or ignorant, it’s simply incorrect. Some baselines disposition of negativity has clouded your perception of the truth. All I’m asking is to try again after you’ve had the opportunity of healing by following the guidance of Unity of Being.

The first of those topics we really need to understand is the topic of Citizen. What does it mean to be a Citizen? What is the Nature of a Citizen in relation to a Nation?

The next topic would be Internationally Protected Persons or those with Diplomatic Immunity. What does this mean? What is the Nature of someone with Diplomatic Immunity in relation to a Nation?

The next topic would be to understand what National Sovereignty is and role it plays in relation to Citizens and other Nations.

Then finally, at the precipice, the final culmination, results in moving from being a Citizen to being someone with Diplomatic Immunity, with a new roll as a Wise Elder in a community known as a Nation.

Beyond that, is to never end your pursuit of Unity of Being while constantly refining your understanding of International Law, most important of which is ‘The Law of Nations’ in it’s entirety, several times if needed, to examine and understand the role of 1) The Nation Internally 2) The Nation in relation to other Nations and to a lesser extent sections 3) War and 4) Peace.



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