Ammal — A Pay It Forward Training System

What is Ammal?

Ammal means “hope and action” in Arabic, it is also a peer-led personal development network for women developed by the team at Chayn in recognition of the need to provide women with the technical capabilities and the confidence needed to succeed in today’s competitive workforce.

Why Ammal?

  • Gives women access to open-sourced training in digital skills
  • 24/7 online #SheforShe support network
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Empower women to pay it forward and pass their skills to others

I stumbled upon Ammal’s first event while surfing Eventbrite for a useful workshop to attend over the weekend. When I found “Ammal: How to Get Hired” back in February, I was stoked. Why? Because I have been trying to look for a proper job in London since I arrived in November, 2015. Also, the first couple sentences of the event were:

“Join Ammal, Chayn’s education network for women, for a fun, interactive and peer-led day of workshops focusing on getting hired.”

Feb 20th was my birthday, so I was slightly hesitant when clicking “register” to a workshop on how to write CV from 10:00–18:00. However, how can I say no to “FREE day of workshops covering everything from CV writing, to creating and promoting your own brand online”?

So I went.

Result? I had a fulfilling day and met a group of really interesting and positive ladies from a diverse background of Tech, NGO, Charity, For-profit etc, then I got access to some valuable advice from industry recruitment and branding expert. Most importantly, I joined the Ammal Slack support community, where all these wonderful people are gathered to help each other!

A month passed…

I was struggling with design layout on my own website. Honestly, I’ve got limited photoshop and illustrator knowledge and have always wanted to pick up graphic design, but never had the time to pursue these skills further. As an event planner and marketer, it is really important to know the basics of graphic design, so you can create visual mock up, correct spelling mistakes or make last minute changes to collaterals.

Just when I was getting frustrated with my page and tired of watching loads of YouTube video on “Graphic Design for newbies”, I found out Ammal announced their second workshop — Digital Design.

This workshop consists of 2 parts:

  1. Focused on understanding basic design (i.e. Different design tools, useful resources and design principles)
  2. Hands-on practical sprint for Chayn — A global volunteer-led social enterprise using technology to empower women

I buddied up with another person without a laptop and we made a campaign poster for Chayn Italia for our first design challenge:

Design Challenge — CHAYN Italia

Then for my individual design challenge, we were asked to come up with a design for a cupcake shop:

Individual Design Challenge — Cupcake Shop

I was really happy to learn about the different tools and platforms available!

As a result of the design workshop, I went ahead and designed my first logo and now it is being used commercially by Worthwhile Studios:


If you are interested in what I learned from the two workshops, you can access them for free HERE.

Interested in Ammal?

There are many ways to participate:

  1. Join the next Ammal Event
  2. Join the Ammal Group
  3. Read the Ammal Blog
  4. Get the most updated Ammal News

See you at the next Ammal event!

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