AMO Labs CEO and POSTECH Tech River Lecture

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AMO Team reporting for duty. We are the world’s first Reverse ICO aiming to create a Blockchain for the car data market.

Representative Dr. Sim Sang-kyoo, CEO of AMO Labs, was offered the chance to give a lecture at the Tech River event hosted by Pohang University of Science and Technology (short POSTECH) last month.


This leading event hosts POSTECH alumni well versed in the latest technology fields as well as in today’s rapidly developing market. It invites previous graduates who have successfully adapted to the new market, listen to vivid stories from their respective fields and attempts to deepen the relationship between the alumni in general.

Mr. Sim Sang-kyoo talked about the concept of the data economy and data science for about 60 minutes. He predicted that collecting, processing and selling automobile data would be a very important field in the data economy. He also expressed confidence that the AMO project will take a leading position in the automotive data economy market by systematically collecting, processing and selling automotive data on a Blockchain based platform.

What is the data economy?
The basic concept is, that data is evaluated as a new type of asset. This entails the creation of a system based on production-collection-analysis of data, essentially leading to data forming an economic structure. As IoT devices and sensors become more diverse and sophisticated, a large amount of data is generated, which is then analyzed and interpreted based off consumer’s preferences.
Representative Sim Sang-kyoo introducing the AMO project

Representative Sim Sang-kyoo introducing the AMO project

POSTECH TECH RIVER DAY’s Sim Sang-kyoo is an experienced, longtime member of the school’s alumni. This event gave him a chance to introduce the new concept of a data economy to promising young alumni and at the same time talk about the car security solution technologies he has been studying for the last 10 years, as well as introduce his latest work at AMO Labs.

AMO is a blockchain infrastructure for the efficient exchange and sharing of all car data powering the next generation of automobiles.

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