AMO Latest Collaboration with Bullsone

Greetings from AMO Labs, the top 10 blockchain startups disrupting the automotive industry!

There’s another great news to share! AMO Labs signed an MOU with Bullsone to develop a car management concierge service! Vehicle management concierge service is a service that takes care and manages your car like a personal butler.

Bullsone is one of the largest car care management company in Korea, and have entered into a business agreement with AMO Labs to develop a vehicle management concierge service for private vehicle owners! How amazing is that?!

AMO and Bullsone

For readers who are not living in Korea, here are some of the famous faces representing Bullsone in their commercials

Bullsone advertisement — Girl’s Day Hyeri
Famous host and television personality in Korea, Yoo Jae-suk

Concierge Service

So what is vehicle management concierge service that AMO Labs and Bullsone is working towards together?

The word ‘concierge’ itself originates from the French “comte des cierges” which describes the person responsible for keeping candles lit in the rooms of castles and palaces back in the days.

And although concierge was used primarily as a role in customer service of hotels in the beginning, it has since then expanded to include services that customize customer requests in various areas such as travel, education, culture, and shopping.

As such, the car management service in which AMO Labs and Bullsone have signed to bring forward is a top-notch car management service that will care and manage your vehicle like a personal e-butler.

Based on the car data collected by AMO Labs, Bullsone will be able to advise drivers to replace engine oil regularly, change of car parts or even recommend a coating that prevents fogging of the windshield during winter.

In short, Bullsone will utilized data in AMO market to provide targeted services to consumers, allowing all to enjoy a more efficient and convenient lifestyle, wouldn’t that be wonderful? A win-win situation for both.

Bullsone — an official strong data buyer within the AMO data market

In the near future, AMO project will develop into an all-inclusive collaboration. For example, purchasing Bullsone’s care supplies using AMO coins from the comfort of your vehicle?

Soon, your valuable driving data can be exchanged as AMO coins to purchase engine oil and other spare parts. AMO Labs team is slowly but surely working to execute each of our promises. Stay tuned~

AMO is a blockchain infrastructure for the efficient exchange and sharing of all car data powering the next generation of automobiles.

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