A definite list of songs that will take you back to the early 2000s

We can all agree that the early 2000s were a simpler time.

Not only because all millennials were pretty much aged 2–12 (therefore couldn’t ruin things, like lunch, cars, the Canadian tourism industry and romance), but also because the world seemed more peaceful. Donald Trump was mostly known for his ridiculous combover, the leader of the free world has nothing to do with The Apprentice, the financial crisis wasn’t there yet and the Kardashians were too young to start countouring. Instead, we all focused on iconic fashion, like Juicy Couture, windbreakers, low-cut jeans and asymetric flowy blouses. It was totally acceptable to sport bleach blonde highlights regardless of your sex.

Of course, with great fashion came great music. Here’s our ultimate list of tunes that will transport you back immediately:

Britney Spears — Ooops!… I Did It Again

Do we ever need to explain why we picked this as our number one? This song made us into the people we are today. We would be nothing without it.

Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya and Pink — Lady Marmalade

We were hoping they would form a supergroup. We still are.

Ricky Martin — Livin’ La Vida Loca

Okay, yes, technically it wasn’t the early 2000s as the song was released in 1999 — but it echoed through every primary school dance for the next ten year, so in our opinion it counts.

Outkast — Hey Ya!

As soon as you hear the countdown in the beginning of the song you need to start dancing and you can’t stop until it ends. It’s the rule.

P!nk — Get The Party Started

Yes, we were too young to *party* when this song came out (except, of course, your 8th birthday at McD’s), but we still loved it. Unless our mum would turn MTV off because it’s inappropriate for someone our age.

Madonna — Music

Madonna had a lot of iconic moments in the early 2000s and released tracks that play at every club to this day, however “Music” is — arguably — the best one of them all.

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