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Micro-reward & Consumer Economy Innovation

Just like OS(Operational System) controls hardware, manages computing resources, helps programs using computer and plays a role of medium between user and hardware, Ad-OS provides an interface that enables users to manage what data to use economically, how to utilize the data and get rewards from it, helping the user become a true owner of their own data resource.

Large platform companies built big data collecting user data and created revenue executing ads through target marketing. Unlike in the past, the value of user data increased and profits from the large platforms also increased. However, almost nothing goes to the users even though they play the most important roles in maintaining the platforms.

In the traditional methods of rewarding, fund transfer of banking accounts (by collecting user’s account information), physical gift or points were used to provide the benefits to the users who watched ads. However, the cost to run these payment methods is larger than the cost to pay the ad-watching fee to the individual users. Therefore, the reward method to provide rewards for watching ads couldn’t have been tried so far.

However, micro-payment became available with the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrency. To provide rewards immediately to the users whenever the users watch ads, frequent data transfer and payment settlement between users and clients are crucial. This feature is the factor differentiating it from the traditional ad industry’s management method. Ad-OS establishes a trust relationship that users provide their data to the advertisers securing flawlessness in how to utilize the data through blockchain and enables frequent micro-reward payment on the user data through cryptocurrency.

In this mechanism, Ad-OS plays a role of the medium between users and advertisers creating an opportunity for users to participate in the corporate activities and pursue economic benefits with the user’s potential capability to consume itself.



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