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Return the Ownership of Personal Data and Beneficiary Right to the Consumers

Will achieve innovation of advertisement economy for both consumer and advertiser.

There is no dispute about the fact that blockchain will be one of the core infra for the fourth industrial revolution which is defined as an intellectual revolution based on hyper-connecting. This is because blockchain has the potential to change not only the financial sector but also the overall ecosystem of the industries by redefining the trust on the interaction among humans and things. In particular, experts expect that digital marketing, the representative and fastest-growing market in IT industries, will grow exponentially by being combined with blockchain. In this trend, recently there came up with a new group that tries to solve the chronic issues of the existing ad market by utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Ad-OS is the one, a company that is about to launch the digital currency of ‘AmonD’, which will be a method of ad rewards earned by consumer’s time and participation, not by money.

‘AmonD’, which innovates the consumer economy through micro-rewards.

Even though the size of the digital marketing market has been growing, there always has been a controversy on transparency. This is because most of the existing ad platforms connecting advertisers and publishers are run as a closed system. However, there come expectations that combining ad tech market and blockchain will bring an initiative to solve this issue. Ad-OS is focusing on this transparency issue as well trying to solve the chronic issues in the existing ad market such as privacy infringement, unfair ad profit distribution and waste of ad costs by granting data ownership and ad beneficiary right to the customers.

Ad-Os is about to launch ‘AmonD’, a cryptocurrency that combines a method of ad rewards and a method of value stocking. AmonD will provide a proper incentive by evaluating participants and motivate customers to actively participate in corporate marketing activities forming a mutual trust through transparent data sharing. In Particular, advertisers can increase the efficiency of advertisement through accurate targeting based on the platform that Ad-OS provides. As advertisers pay only for the executed ads, they can conduct target marketing that is connected to ad efficiency and ad rewards through Ad-OS.

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