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AMP Provider App Is Live

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AMP Recover is proud to announce the release of the AMP Provider app for Apple and Android devices. The latest addition to AMP’s suite of care management tools, AMP Provider allows caregivers to securely access critical functionality of AMP Recover on their mobile device. Messages from patients, intervention alerts and protocol notifications are all available regardless of location, further strengthening the connection between care teams and their patients.

“The ability to remotely monitor and communicate with patients is more important now than ever,” says AMP CEO David Nichols. “This mobile app is a direct response to our caregiver partners that require access to patient profiles and protocols when they are out of the clinic.”

The AMP Recover platform leverages digital and mobile technologies to virtually deliver high-quality healthcare experiences. By engaging patients in their recovery and continually monitoring their progress throughout the episode, caregivers receive actionable insights that enable timely interventions and ultimately help achieve positive outcomes. With a constant connection between patients and their care teams, healthcare organizations improve patient satisfaction while reducing costs, creating value for all stakeholders.




Leveraging Data to Improve Patient Outcomes & Provider Performance

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AMP Recover

AMP Recover

Leveraging Data to Improve Patient Outcomes & Provider Performance

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