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San Antonio Orthopaedic Specialists Selects AMP Recover as Digital Engagement Platform

Dr. Brandon Broome Addresses Consumerism, Evidence-Based Standards and Convenience in His Total Joint Practice

San Antonio Orthopaedic Specialists (SAOS) announced this week the addition of AMP Recover to their suite of specialty tools designed to increase the quality of care, while reducing recovery time. AMP Recover’s robust digital engagement platform will aid SAOS in their mission to provide excellence in orthopedic care and to treat each patient as if they were family.

Dr. Brandon Broome is a Fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery. He performs nearly 400 total joint replacement procedures each year — including direct anterior hip replacement procedures and minimally invasive, tissue-sparing procedures. Dr. Broome is looking to technology to enhance multiple aspects of the practice, from care team coordination to remote patient monitoring and outcomes attainment.

Dr. Brandon Broome

San Antonio is a sprawling area, and Dr. Broome sees many patients from rural areas that also work with a PT outside of the city, connecting these stakeholders is a high priority. “Communication between surgeon, patient and physical therapist is lacking in general nowadays and this platform keeps us in constant contact regardless of location,” he says. “AMP Recover streamlines protocol delivery, allowing patients to see their progress, gain valuable instruction that was designed by their doctor, and recover more quickly.”

Dr. Broome also sees AMP Recover as a means to deliver high-touch, patient-centric care. “By tracking patient progress throughout the initial recovery phase, we can identify deficits and ways to speed up the early recovery protocols and minimize pain. Our goal is to use opioid sparing methods, tissue friendly techniques, and get patients recovered and back to normal as quickly as possible.”

The AMP Recover platform leverages digital and mobile technologies to virtually guide patients through their recovery. By continually monitoring patient progress caregivers receive actionable insights to make timely interventions in patient care. With a constant touchpoint to their patients care teams are able to drive stronger adherence rates that improve outcomes and reduce the cost per episode. (Newswire)




Leveraging Data to Improve Patient Outcomes & Provider Performance

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AMP Recover

AMP Recover

Leveraging Data to Improve Patient Outcomes & Provider Performance

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