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Our Journey So Far

Lady-Omega Hammond
Ampersand Technologies
5 min readMay 24, 2019


Co-founders of Ampersand (From L-R Drew, Godwin, Lady-Omega, Joel)

My name is Lady-Omega Hammond, I’m the CEO & co-founder of Ampersand Technologies Ltd. If you’re an avid follower of our work we appreciate you so much, thank you for your support! If you’re new, you’re welcome, we are Ampersand, a software development company that builds software solutions for businesses and individuals to make their processes efficient and help increase or create new revenues. We develop websites, mobile applications and custom software to specific needs, in summary we connect people and technology.

We’re four young budding entrepreneurs who love to share our journey to becoming one of the world’s leading software development companies. It’s been 3 years of growing Ampersand, discovering our unique abilities, measuring our momentum, finding customers and discovering a niche for ourselves, learning new technologies, growing our talents and being better managers of ourselves as co-founders and our team. In all of this, one thing we are most grateful for is our faith in God. He has been so faithful and with each passing season , irrespective of the challenges and opportunities presented to us, we grow through it and become better than we were before.

The Growth

Team Ampersand

From a team size of 4 to 13 software business and technology developers, we are still in search of great talent excited to join our creative team to build the next robust software product, click here if you’re interested in growing with us. We have grown not just in team size but also in the way we think and our approach to building a software company. In as much as we plan and keep working hard at our goals, growth always shows up at points when we feel our lowest. It’s always been in moments where we had to make difficult and hard decisions, that we realize we have something deeper in us that makes us stronger, wiser and keeps us going.

Fire & Passion

We identify ourselves being in one of the most vibrant industries with so many opportunities and unknowns but what makes this worthwhile is seeing the results of our hard work. We work hard not because we believe we are excellent at what we do (which we are) but because of the long lasting impressions our clients share with us after working with us. We are passionate about what we do to the core, working with us is an experience worth giving a try.

Our magic comes from our collective team experience of over 10 years in crafting software solutions from time spent in school, from our own personal projects and now as a company. We have also been refined by the different and harsh realities of venturing on the path of entrepreneurship. Like gold going through fire we have been through our own fire and it’s kept us on our toes. From partnerships gone bad, product timelines being delayed, team members getting burnt out, having to let go of some and other developers staying with less benefits. Sending out so many proposals with negative responses, invoices being delayed and always coming to a point where we just say “Damn, this is hard!”.

Breaking Point

Such experiences always bring us to a breaking point, where we ask the real burning questions. Why are we doing this? Is it worth the stress and hustle? Should we quit and find a job instead? Isn’t there an easier way of doing this. To quote a good friend of ours:

“It is only in the pain of the error of our trying that we can experience the joy in the success of our implementation” — Fui, 2015

Our satisfaction comes in knowing that our efforts is for the future we envision. We believe that we are a part of the young generation in Africa that will be at the forefront of innovations in technology; where passion is diverted into businesses that will create wealth, improve infrastructure and productivity to make us accountable. Best part of this is putting our belief into action and working hard to see it into fruition!

We are Evolving

Amidst all this, we are growing and evolving, it’s important for us to identify with the vision we see. We have began making some changes and we are excited to share them with you.

New Ampersand Logo

To start, we retouched our logo and company colors. We believe so strongly in our name, AMPERSAND, which is a symbol that stands for the word “AND”. In English it’s a preposition whose purpose is to GLUE nouns or pronouns into a sentence. We see ourselves as the glue between people and technology, connecting the bits and pieces and bringing some value out of it.

Our colors are a unique shade of blue, white and red. The blue represents our loyalty, creativity and intelligence. Red represents our passion and fire. We blended these two colors with white, which represents new opportunities. We believe these colors give a bold impression of who we are. We are just getting started off with the many changes happening.

Our Expertise

We are not your average developers, we craft products with finesse that help everyday processes and ideas come alive. We offer the following software services below at world class standards:

  • Software Development (Mobile, Web, Custom Systems)
  • Software Design (UI/UX, Graphics)
  • Software Business Consultancy

I’d like to end with one of our achievements so far we have been working hard at. Right from the heart of Ghana we are increasing our reach and expertise to companies and individuals in Ghana, Nigeria, United States of America and the United Kingdom. The experience of serving them has been phenomenal and we can’t wait to work on the next big product with you. If you’re looking to build a software solution, we are your one stop shop for all your technology needs. Thank you for reading, support us and share this with others!

Till the next blog post, much love from

Team Ampersand

This blog post was written by Lady-Omega Hammond on the 24th of May, 2019.



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