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Oct 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello. It is Yamaguchi of AMPLE.
The other day, I posted a development confidential about the “technology side” of “A! Cos”, a service scheduled to be released for beta version,
Continue this week I would like to report on development confidential about “design side”.

<Design concept of “A! Cos”>

In order to be excited about cosplayer people, we renewed to “pretty” design.
In this time I think I would like to take some “cute points” that I felt using “A! Cos” actually.

Home screen of A! Cos (top) and AMPLE (bottom)

● Logo is cute

It has been changed to a rounded and soft design overall.
The upper part of “A” is the nekomimi used in the cosplay, “!” Expresses the tail of the cat, and the logo itself was created with the image of the cosplay.
The point of this logo is that the design changes according to the season and the event, and the cosplay of the cat in the logo can change accordingly. You can enjoy this part as well!

● Color is cute

“AMPLE!” Before the renewal was a simple design based on black, Changing to a light design that allows you to feel free to use pink based on pink in “A! Cos” while leaving the red color image which is the main color of “A! Coin” HP and the Japanese version Twitter icon It has been.

● Detail is also cute

The image displayed on one screen is bigger than before and it is clear and easy to see without enlarging. I made the image rounded, Icons have uniformity of design, I felt commitment.

<Message from designer>

“For the release of beta version, we have implemented a design that allows users to experience basic functions, but I think that designs will be even more original for each addition and new campaign, so” A! Cos Please also look forward to the upcoming change of the year. “

As described above, while “A! Cos” has innovative features, on the other hand, we aim for design that is familiar.
Even after the beta version is released, I would like to continue to be a service that will be evaluated in terms of both “functionality” and “designability”, so please continue your favors in the future.

We have pre-registered “A! Cos” in advance so that we can deliver service information to users as quickly as possible.
Those who have not been done yet, please register from the following URL by all means!

This week’s report will be over. We will continue to update it from next week, so please have a look. It is appreciated that you can also read “A! Cos Development Confidential ~ Engineer Edition ~” at the following URL.

<Cosplay image of this week>

“# FGO’s Cos I’m Trying” to mutate the results of diagnostic makers on Twitter was entered into the trend.
As a result of looking at me trying, “Yamaguchi was doing Cost of mode red (rider)”, it seems to be strong.

Attila — Fate/Grand Order


Japan Culture × Cryptocurrency 『Building a society where people can make living doing what they love』

AMPLE! staff

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Expanding our service with the mission of “Making ‘Cosplayer’ a profession.” Through our introduction of A! Coin(ACO) we will evolve into a new platform.



Japan Culture × Cryptocurrency 『Building a society where people can make living doing what they love』

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