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Oct 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello. It is Yamaguchi of AMPLE.
I would like to report about the project this week.
This time, I’d like to introduce the upgrade from the pre-renewal service “AMPLE!” About the new service “A! Cos” scheduled to release the beta version soon!

① Cosplayers can receive support from fans through publishing works and interacting with fans

In the previous “AMPLE”, it was limited to the simple point giving function,
In “A! Cos”, the cosplayer provided their own work and exchange with fans as their service, and as a consideration, the fan side can support it. As a settlement method, online payment including credit card and support in AMPLE’s own cryptographic currency “ACO” will be possible in the future, and we can deliver cheering cheering as more form. It is the first main function for ‘A cos’ concept ‘Cosplayer to occupation’!

② Comment function and nice function loading .

In the previous “AMPLE”, the browsing side did not have a function to react easily to the poster, but in “A! Cos”, it is possible to press “good” or make a comment on the posted image With this function, cosplayer and fans can communicate closely.

③ Refresh to a familiar pop design.

It became easy to use and cute design based on pink.
Detailed “cute points” will be introduced in the next blog next time.

④ You can post and confirm multiple images at the same time at once.

In the previous “AMPLE” it was only one cosplay image that can be posted / confirmed at a time, With “A! Cos”, it is possible to post and confirm multiple images for each cosplayer or series, enabling you to enjoy cosplay images more smoothly.
In addition, comments can also be added when posting, so you can enjoy the explanation of cosplayers’ characters and cosplay images.

⑤, Added content and new features as needed.

In addition to the functions available in the current closed beta version, we are planning to add fulfilling content and new functions from time to time.
We are planning content that allows cosplayers and fans to enjoy excitement while enjoying cosplay on “A! Cos” such as ranking function and seasonal campaign.

The service “A! Cos” which added the new function as above started pre-registration so that we can deliver service information as soon as possible to the users.
Those who have not been done yet, please register from the following URL by all means!

This week’s report will be over. We will continue to update it from next week, so please have a look.


Japan Culture × Cryptocurrency 『Building a society where people can make living doing what they love』

AMPLE! staff

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Expanding our service with the mission of “Making ‘Cosplayer’ a profession.” Through our introduction of A! Coin(ACO) we will evolve into a new platform.



Japan Culture × Cryptocurrency 『Building a society where people can make living doing what they love』

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