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Recently, hay fever is painful as early as possible. It is Yamaguchi of AMPLE.

Omi / Nero Claudius From “AMPLE!” Https://

<AMPLE! Upgrade version>

Recently I will introduce the newly added functions.
①HOME screen

It was a screen where images are added in order of new arrival.

From the home screen, popular works, features, New cosplayers, and supportive comments can be seen, so it has evolved to make it easier to find more cosplay works than before.

As a result of using it after the improvement, even if it is not familiar with the name of the cosplayer, you can find cosplayers who are interested from “New Cosplayer”, can be found in high quality works from “popular works”, and even smoother I felt that I became able to enjoy it.
Also, you can check the previous home screen from “New arrival work” at the top of the improved home screen.

② Like button
Under the cosplay image there was a nice button set up.

Next to the cosplay image, there are four types of buttons: “Like” “Cute!” “Cool!” “God!”
Was set up. Unlike previous buttons, these buttons can be pressed as many times as you like.

As a result of using after improvement, there are 4 types of buttons so it’s fun to press and push, but of course it feels quite pleasant to be able to press as many times as you like (lol)
Also, as a cosplayer’s position, I can see what kind of response to the image is more, so I think that you can feel a different pleasure from other SNS.
This time we introduced two major changes, but we are making minor corrections on a daily basis.
From now on, we will continue to improve our services to achieve a better user experience.

<AMPLE! Registered cosplayer introduction>

This time, I would like to introduce ‘Exposure’ which is the 1st largest cosplayer ranking month of AMPLE!
※ The ranking of the ranking is counted by the number of points supported by the piece and the number of good points. One point is counted as 5 points.


Cosplayer name: more
I am doing beginner student cosplayers
I’m busy living in a specialized student (‘• ω ω • ̥̥̥ `) I can not cosplay much, but I am doing my best to improve the quality every day 🙆 ♀ ️Thank you Twitter!


Although it is a beginner cosplayer, I have posted a very wonderful cosplay work, and this month has finally risen to the top of the month for the month.
AMPLE! Has sometimes been released, there are opportunities for any cosplayers regardless of cosplay experience values.
Among others’ s cosplay work I would like to introduce exclusively one of Remigia Scarlet’s cosplay of the character of the “Touhou Project” reputed to have an atmosphere.

“Original: Touhou Project Remilia · Scarlet”

“Cosplay: More — Remilia Scarlet Lady:”

While expressing the original faithfully, such as costumes and makeups, I think that the unique atmosphere of Mr. Mr. Masu is melting into the cosplay.
Mr. Mr. also posted rare unpublished works not posted on Twitter or Instagram also posted on “AMPLE!” Please check it! Even only Mr. Remilia · Scarlet’s cosplay will be able to see about 20 works.

“AMPLE!” Occupation: Cosplayers “all over the world”

<Cosplay term quiz! >

Q, What is the meaning of “Mr.” in the cosplay world?

① Fans of cosplayers
② Favorite character
③ The partner who performs cosplay activities together

Yosuke Nosaka / Mika Jokigasaki “AMPLE!”

The correct answer is ③!
It was easy this time.

This time it will be over.
Please keep yourself in mind as influenza is outbreaks.


Japan Culture × Cryptocurrency 『Building a society where people can make living doing what they love』

AMPLE! staff

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Expanding our service with the mission of “Making ‘Cosplayer’ a profession.” Through our introduction of A! Coin(ACO) we will evolve into a new platform.



Japan Culture × Cryptocurrency 『Building a society where people can make living doing what they love』

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