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Nov 30, 2018 · 3 min read

Long time no see. I am Yamaguchi of AMPLE.
I would like to report on the project today as well.

核桃緋 /アナと雪の女王

This time

Renewal of AMPLE official website
Development progress of AMPLE! (A! Cos)

I would like to introduce you.

<Renewal of AMPLE official HP>

The official homepage of AMPLE ( was decided to be renewed.
The design is more original than the previous home page, and we plan to make it content that is easy to understand.
By improving the homepage, we can effectively communicate our services and expect to build smoother connections with users and other companies.
Currently we are advancing the development of “AMPLE! (A! Cos)” with priority, but I would like to actively improve HP.

(↑ Design image of new homepage)
I am also looking forward to renewal!

<Development progress of “AMPLE! (A! Cos)”>

It is a cosplayer supportive SNS service “A! Cos”, which we have been developing for a long time, but at last we were able to complete most of the service.

Also, although we used the name of service until now as “A! Cos”, we will change the name from “A! Cos” to “AMPLE!” In order to make this service a nuclear position within the AMPLE economic zone I changed it.

At this moment, “AMPLE!” Is an actual cosplayer user as a monitor user, we are working to improve the service.
For the monitor user, we cooperate with cosplayers who have high attention, and based on feedback, we use it to improve the service from the cosplayer point of view.
Within the service, interaction between fan users and cosplayer has already been born, and it seems that active movements of services can be expected after release.

I would like to continue doing my utmost to make cosplayer and fans enjoy using it for official release.

Detailed information on “AMPLE!” Is described in the last article.

Introduction of “A! Cos” function aiming to make cosplayers work
“A! Cos” development report ~ Engineer edition ~
Cosplayer support service “A! Cos” is ”kawaii”.

<Cosplay image of today>

CN:Lina Alucard

Christmas is coming soon!
It’s getting cold, but please take good care of yourself.


Japan Culture × Cryptocurrency 『Building a society where people can make living doing what they love』

AMPLE! staff

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Expanding our service with the mission of “Making ‘Cosplayer’ a profession.” Through our introduction of A! Coin(ACO) we will evolve into a new platform.



Japan Culture × Cryptocurrency 『Building a society where people can make living doing what they love』

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