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Hello. It is Yamaguchi of AMPLE.
In this report I would like to introduce the contents focusing on “cosplay”!

<Cosplay is a bridge with overseas>

300 watts “Creation: Space girl Cosmo”
From “AMPLE!”(

Cosplay refers to acts committed as characters, such as comics, animation, games, etc. Also attracting attention in terms of subculture and cool Japan.

In the “Survey on Foreigners’ Consciousness for Cool Japan’s Reproduction” conducted by the Cabinet Office, “animation, manga, and games” accounted for the largest proportion in Europe and Asia as a trigger to interest in Japan,

It can be said that the cosplay that excites such cool Japan culture plays the role of a bridge connecting overseas and Japan.
However, on the other hand, it seems that various challenges and problems are left for the cosplayer to continue the cosplay activity.

<Problems seen from the results of the survey on “Cosplay activity”>

Last year, we conducted “Questionnaire on Cosplay Activity” by Internet survey.
Based on the results of the survey, I understood the following things.

■Survey results
① All respondents are receiving major incomes other than cosplay.
② The majority of respondents are cosplaying at least once or twice a month
③ The majority of respondents will cost 1 to 30,000 yen or more to arrange and complete one cosplay costume
④ 31.1% of respondents who have suspended layer activities due to factors such as “money” “time” “family relationship”
⑤ More than half of respondents want to earn income through cosplay activities.
⑥ 93.3% of respondents have no income for cosplay activities (photo shoot, photo collection, etc.)

■Summary of Survey
· Survey name: “Questionnaire on cosplay activities”
· Survey target: 45 cosplayers nationwide
· Survey period: 9/13 ~ 10/1
· Survey method: Internet survey

Based on this result ,,,
In order to do cosplay, you need funds for more than a certain amount of cosplay activities, you can see that you need to continue activities while balancing other jobs.
However, in reality, it has also proved that many people think that they want to earn income through cosplay activities, while a handful of people can make a living by cosplay activities.

<”AMPLE!” Born from the feeling that “Cosplayer is a profession”>

In order to overcome the problem of the cosplay activity revealed in the survey,
We have released a service “AMPLE!” That allows cosplayers to interact with fans and cameramen who support them while receiving support through cosplay activities.

① You can earn fans across the border

You can post your cosplay work on “AMPLE!” For communities over 70 countries.
Since all contents posted are translated on the administrative side, we can overcome language barrier and interact with overseas cosplayers and fans.

② Cosplayer can receive support

For the posted cosplay work,
With online payment and in the future AMPLE’s proprietary encryption currency “ACO” will be able to support, and the cosplayer can receive cheering cheering as a form. For “ACO”, we are developing a service that can be used as a substitute for cosplay goods or as a rental fee for a photography studio, and it can also be used to further expand the range of our own cosplay activities.

③ Create a connection with people who support you

Cosplayers and fans will be able to interact more easily than ever before. Cosplayers can extend the range of cosplay activities with fans and cameramen who support them, and fans can freely tell comments on cosplay works.

Go to “AMPLE!” At the following URL

<I compared the original and cosplay work>

In order to express the quality of Japanese cosplay work,
I compared the cosplay posted on “AMPLE!” With the two-dimensional original.

Fate / stay night: Two dimensions (upper) and three dimensions (lower)

Nerukun “Fate / stay night”
From “AMPLE!” (Https://

It is high quality, including costumes and props, no longer being able to understand just by looking at which one is two dimensional.

Azur Lane: two dimensional (upper) and three dimensional (lower)

🐦 Rio 🐦 “Azure Lane Akagi”
From “AMPLE!” (Https://

It seems that the whole atmosphere, including the set and the posing, seems to have jumped out of the game.

At present “AMPLE!”, You can see a lot of high-quality cosplay works by such carefully selected cosplayers, so if you are interested, please look through “AMPLE!”.

Cosplayer is a profession “AMPLE!”


Japan Culture × Cryptocurrency 『Building a society where people can make living doing what they love』

AMPLE! staff

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Expanding our service with the mission of “Making ‘Cosplayer’ a profession.” Through our introduction of A! Coin(ACO) we will evolve into a new platform.



Japan Culture × Cryptocurrency 『Building a society where people can make living doing what they love』

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