Tony Russo Sublimates Some Thoughts

Keri O’Mara made this

On Friday, February 5, Tony Russo stopped by the Hot Air studio high above Chicago’s West Loop for a chat with Amplifier host Blake J. Graham.

The two discussed destroying rare films, confident fashionistas, the pains of pleasing strangers, being twitter famous, and Tony’s new webcomic project: Extremely Caffeinated and Ready to Die.

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Asking for albums is just an elaborate excuse for Blake to expand his record collection

Before every episode, each guest is asked to share an album that’s personally significant. Tony picked Yo La Tengo’s I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One. Listen to it on Spotify and imagine you’re sitting next to Tony Russo. He’s staring deep into your eyes with unbridled affection. The affection of a true friend. A friend who tells you everything is going to be alright.

Listen to this boy (not yet a man) talk for a while

Who to Thank!

  • This episode of Amplifier was produced by Wallace the Labrador
  • Our theme song is written and performed by Kris Ward.
  • Guest illustrations by Keri O’Mara
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  • This episode was sponsored by Hyundai and Tony’s Scones.
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