More on Research Ops: Talebook

Talebook is a not yet released entry into the growing Research Ops marketplace. I like this one from an aesthetic perspective for sure, but I really appreciate how it is thinking about the interaction model as a story both in its name, but also in how it wants you to interact with it and work with others.

The basics of the project is you create your research structure and keep layering in the details of the work you want to be doing and then fill in the details of each step and each iteration as you go. It seems really simple.

The challenge I see is if it is compelling enough to make it worth paying for. The challenge I have with ALL SaaS apps is that to make them profitable they make them too costly for small orgs like mine to make a leap to even see if it is effective enough. The freemium models are often either too time boxed (I can’t get enough data to see value) or too feature constrained. Worse is that since tools like these are collaborative in nature a per user pricing model is a disincentive for me to include people.

Now that last crit has nothing to do with Talebook because it hasn’t been released yet, so it is more a warning to them that standard SaaS pricing models may be an impediment.