Welcome to Amplify Design

I’m excited to announce a new publication I am producting here on Medium called Amplify Design. The focus will be around how the operations of design teams and designing can be at the crux of amplifying the value of design investment for our organizations and more importantly our customers whom we ultimately design for.

In a recent article I started a converation about design operations. Since it is also a piece pushing my services as a consultant I won’t add it to this publication but just link to it here. However, the conversation since its publication even in this week and the subsequent research I’ve been driven to do because of that response compelled me to start this publication.

I will be curating links about design operations (please send me suggestions on this google form), articles from myself, and hopefully from other experts who have experience thinking about and living various aspects of design operations. I’ll also point people to community resources where others are discussing and otherwise gathering around the topic as well.

Heck, write something on Medium and suggest I put it up here and if it is close enough (and this topic is broad) I’ll most likely post it here.

Things I know I’m looking for already are book reviews, talk suggestions (point to videos and slides) on the topics of the tools we use, how we collaborate, and how we build team.

So as we begin this burgeoning journey in helping design do what it is built to do, I hope this space brings value to y’all. Always give me feedback no matter what it looks like. Thanx!

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