Amplify Exchange reaches 20K PreRegistered Users & Announces New 50K User Promotion

Several weeks ago Amplify Exchange launched our preregistration system for our upcoming brokerage launch. Our goal was to reach 20K preregistered users by June 30th so we had a solid user base at launch…. the response has been overwhelming. As a thank you for early registered users we offered 500 AMPX tokens for each person who preregistered to be made available to each user in their Amplify Exchange account at the launch of Phase I of our platform which is a brokerage.

To find out more about what you can do with the Amplify Exchange brokerage click here.

Overwhelming Response

On April 1 2019 we announced that we were at 90% of our goal which also meant the end of the promotion. The response once again has been overwhelming as people look towards the next evolution in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Amplify reaches 90% (18K+ users)

50,000 User Promotion

In response to the overwhelming requests to extend the promotion we will be starting a new offering today that will allow people who want to sign up for an Amplify Exchange account early to still receive 500 AMPX just for completing the registration process up to 50,000 users!

In addition to earning 500 AMPX just for signing up there are other ways you can earn AMPX tokens:

Refer Your Friends

Once you complete the signup you will receive a referral code that you can post to social media, share to your friends through email, or post on your own web-site. For each person who signs up using your referral code you will receive 100 AMPX! For each person who then uses their Amplify Exchange account to complete a trade you will receive 500 additional AMPX.

Join Our Bounty

Additionally we are running a bounty campaign with a total of 50,000,000 AMPX available. You can earn for doing simple things like Following Us On Twitter & Facebook, writing content on Medium or making YouTube videos.

About Amplify Exchange

Amplify Exchange will provide the next iteration in cryptocurrency exchanges through:

  • CBBO (Crypto Best Bid & Offer) — Amplify will automatically find you the best price amongst the top exchanges of the world. You simply tell us what you want to buy or sell and we will automatically find you the best price available. At launch we plan on being connected to several of the top exchanges in the world, in addition to our own, and we will always find you the best buying or selling price for the asset you are looking to trade.
  • Purchase Altcoins Directly with Fiat — Amplify will allow you to go directly from fiat to altcoins. This saves you tremendously on fees and time by being able to use a single exchange to buy altcoins directly with fiat and using our CBBO system you will always get the best price. At launch we plan to support USD, EUR, GBP, KRW, & JPY and we will continue to add additional fiat pairings as we grow.
  • Lower Fees — whether you are using our brokerage or our exchange you will always get fees that are as low or lower than other competing brokerages and exchanges. Amplify is able to do this by reducing the number of steps it takes to perform a transaction.
  • Trade In Your Native Language — Amplify will be the first natively translated platform which will provide a much cleaner end to end experience for people from all geographic locations. For each region that we service, our team will ensure that our interface supports the primary language. This will also extend to marketing and notification emails so the experience is completely tailored for each user.
  • Fully Insured Cold Storage — Amplify will integrate with industry leading cold storage solutions where all funds held in cold storage will be insured so your funds are truly safe.

For more information about Amplify Exchange you can visit our web-site at