Welcoming Lisha Li, The Newest Member of Our Investment Team!

Amplify Partners
Aug 10, 2017 · 3 min read
Lisha Li, Principal at Amplify Partners

When people ask us to describe a typical Amplify Partners investment we often respond that, “Amplify invests in technical founders, building technical products, for technical buyers.” It’s an easy-to-remember way to describe our focus on all-things technical. If asked what we look for in our founders, we might add, “A difference maker. Someone who moves the needle, no matter what they are doing;” another pithy one-liner to describe our bias for passionate founders who make an impact.

It is no surprise that both phrases echoed in our heads as we set out to find the newest member of the Amplify investment team. We felt strongly about adding someone with massive potential to move the needle for our firm and our entrepreneurs, but who also held a deep technical expertise that set them apart from their peers.

We were also committed to aligning our next team member with the markets that have been our historical focus and will remain major targets for the future. In that respect, it was clear that our next hire would need to add both technical credibility and connectivity in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We’ve been investing selectively in AI infrastructure and applied-AI since the early days of our firm and have come to appreciate the wide disparity in the quality and capability of the teams leveraging these foundational technologies. In fact, there isn’t a sector we spend time in where there is a larger talent gap amongst the team we meet. So it was clear to us that finding the best-in-class founders in this market required us to add another best-in-class team member in the space.

With that long preamble out of the way, the entire Amplify team couldn’t be more excited to introduce Lisha Li as our newest Principal. Lisha will be expanding on Amplify’s early work in applied AI/ML as well as helping chart our course in new, exciting domains.

We got to know Lisha while she was completing her PhD in Statistics and Deep Learning at UC Berkeley under Prof. David Aldous and Prof. Joan Bruna. Before Berkeley Lisha received her BSc and MS in Mathematics at the University of Toronto earning the highest distinction in both degrees while studying Graph Limits. For those that know Lisha, her extremely impressive academic background is overshadowed only by her magnetic personality and uncanny ability to connect deeply with those around her. Each of our interactions with Lisha, from the creative way she originally contacted us, to how she positioned herself to our team, to how the extended Amplify community responded to her, convinced us that she was someone we absolutely had to work with. We have no doubt that she’ll be an invaluable member of the Amplify team and someone you’ll be hearing a lot more from very soon.

So please join us in welcoming Lisha to the Amplify! If you think she can be of any help as you develop your next idea, be sure to follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn, or reach out to: lisha [at] amplifypartners [dot] com.

-The Amplify Team

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News and information about the topics we love, including our portfolio.

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We invest in radically technical founders who apply computer science and machine intelligence to enterprise invention.

Amplify Partners Newsfeed

News and information about the topics we love, including our portfolio.

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