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3 min readJul 1, 2021
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The day after the Communications Team at GHC published our contributions to AMPLIFY’s ‘It’s On Us: White Women Undoing White Supremacy’ series, we received a thoughtful email from Lazenya Weekes-Richemond, a UK-based Black woman who has had a long career in global development. She shared her journey navigating the daily micro and macro aggressions made against her by white women and the detrimental effects that a decade’s worth of white supremacy in global development work has had on her wellbeing. Soon after our initial correspondence, we met with her to discuss a proposed series in response to “It’s On Us” called “It’s On You.”

Black women, Indigenous women, and women of color (BIWOC) have long been betrayed by white women who choose power or self-preservation over true solidarity. “It’s On You” is a series where those of you who identify as BIWOC are encouraged to share your experiences being faced with white women perpetuating white supremacy in the global health and development sectors. What do you want white women to know? What actions do you hope to see white women take to address their participation in racism? Our hope is that this series will foster difficult but necessary conversations, pressure white women to take tangible steps to redistribute the power that centuries of white supremacy and colonization have afforded them, and eliminate the harm they cause BIWOC through their actions.

When AMPLIFY was launched, the decision to exclusively feature those from within the Global Health Corps’ network was made to ensure that community members with historically silenced identities had a place to write about the intersection of health equity, racial equity, gender equity, and beyond. That being said, to create space for a much-needed dialogue between BIWOC and white women, we’ve chosen to open up submissions for “It’s On You” to any individual working in the global development sector who identifies as a Black woman, Indigenous woman, or woman of color.

What can you submit?

  • Your words, your format. We welcome personal reflections, photo essays, in-depth analysis, interviews, op-eds, and more. Check out AMPLIFY for inspiration on format types.
  • Between 500–1200 words. Check out our guide to writing for AMPLIFY.
  • Still have questions? Ready to submit? Reach out to

*Editor’s note: If you wish to submit a contribution but fear retaliation from your employer, please reach out to so that we can work to publish your piece anonymously.

Happy reflecting and writing!

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