Help people discover Liberating Structures, connect with other to experiment and share insights

There are ressources everywhere on the internet. Sometimes it begins pretty difficult to sort this out. Here is a comprehensive list of ressources that you can find elsewhere :)

Content for practicing

Community of practice

Tools helping practicitioners

French / English sessions will be provided for free from time to time. We’re always looking for new guest facilitators. Reach us if interested !

As a volunteer-led community of practice, AmplifyLS — Montréal User Group for Liberating Structures is always looking for guest facilitators to lead our meetups. This helps our group by broadening the approach and situations we work on. However, it’s also a great opportunity to practice your facilitation skills in a supportive space, get feedback, or try something out in a forgiving lab environment.

Reach our Eventbrite page to check out the last event available !

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