AI research reveals the UK’s future trading destinations post-Brexit

Louise O’Reilly
Nov 25, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo by Frederick Tubiermont on Unsplash

Recent research using AMPLYFI’s Artificial Intelligence-powered tools has revealed what the UK’s trade climate may look like after it leaves the European Union, with economies such as Nigeria, Japan, South Africa, and Canada, predicted to hold significant trading growth potential.

In the widespread uncertainty surrounding Brexit, there is great concern and speculation as to how the UK will trade and enact business outside of the EU. Whilst this issue is of principal concern to those seeking immediate trade opportunities such as investors, traders, and businesses, failure to prepare and execute adequately could see detrimental effects filter throughout our society. In addition, established monikers such as BRICS, CIVETS, and MINT could present complications such as higher prices when the UK is no longer a member of a mega trading block. In a post-Brexit world, access to advantage foresight will enable UK businesses to secure first mover advantage in new markets before they are discovered by their peers. Pinpointing the location and likely timing entry points of future trading potential are the unknowns that AMPLYFI’s research aimed to uncover — helping businesses predict and prepare for the future disruptions Brexit may cause.

Using DataVoyant, the world’s leading AI-powered business intelligence tool, AMPLYFI is able to detect early signals for any emerging trend or topic; giving users a head-start on their competitors when it comes to strategic decisions. We directed this capability at predicting the likely future trade destination opportunities for the UK post-Brexit.

What were the results?

DataVoyant searched the internet and found 410,000 documents that featured Brexit. 334,000 of them were either published from the UK ( domain) or the US (.com domain). Removing all source content from these sites from the final analysis ensured a corpus of documents focused on non-UK and non-US content that revealed genuine potential trade interests for the UK post-Brexit. In the first instance, the leading countries that have been discussing Brexit are Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, and India.

Heat-map showing the countries with the highest percentages of documents linking Brexit to trade

The corpus was then analysed to identify countries that discussed trade in a positive light in the context of Brexit in their published documents; a strong indicator that they are considering and acknowledging the UK’s future trade potential. Out of these Nigeria showed the highest links, with 32% of its documents linking Brexit to trade — considerable as the global average was 20%. Nigeria was followed by Japan (31.5%), South Africa (30.4%), Singapore (29.1%) and Canada (28.3%). The results are particularly interesting in that two of the top three are African and none of the top five are European. This provides one indicator as to markets that are most likely to emerge as holding the greatest potential for the UK to grow trade with post-Brexit. Deeper analysis also revealed which industries, sectors, and products are likely to benefit most from each strengthening relationship.

How does it work?

DataVoyant is just one of AMPLYFI’s broader suite of AI-powered business intelligence platforms. It combines leading Surface and Deep Web searching and mining with machine-driven data curation and analysis to simplify Big Data for users via compelling and intuitive visualisations. Standard search engines do not access the Deep Web where significantly more information is buried. By unlocking this largely untapped part of the internet, AMPLYFI enables organisations to spot early warning signals and proactively plan for future disruption.


AMPLYFI’s mission is to deliver a paradigm shift in global business intelligence and research capabilities through a variety of innovative AI-powered platforms. Look Deeper. See clearer. Act Smarter.

Louise O’Reilly

Written by

Marketing Associate @ AMPLYFI



AMPLYFI’s mission is to deliver a paradigm shift in global business intelligence and research capabilities through a variety of innovative AI-powered platforms. Look Deeper. See clearer. Act Smarter.

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