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AMPnet and announce a partnership

AMPnet token holders will be able to use their real-world asset-backed tokens as collateral on

Our team is glad to announce our partnership with This partnership will allow AMPnet APX token holders to monetize their real asset-backed tokens by using them as collateral on is offering the DeFi lending platform with a low collateral ratio for the borrowers and personal fixed-income funds for the lenders. Additionally, is offering borrower and lender User Interface Widgets for integrations with other platforms.

Why is this partnership important for AMPnet?

Generally, when we speak about real estate investments, we think of long term, low-liquidity shares. In other words, investors are locking their funds for longer periods.

Our partners from will integrate AMPnet APX tokens as collateral for borrowers on their platform.

What this means is that owners of the asset back tokens will be able to monetize them on

At the same time, for SmartCredit this partnership is a great opportunity to attract new end-users to their platform.’s partnership model gives us also the opportunity to acquire a share of the loan origination fees and earn the reward tokens for the borrowers and lender loan volume.


At this moment we are working on the secondary market feature which means there will be a marketplace with guaranteed liquidity providers. We can expect this feature to be launched in the Q2 of 2021. After that, will integrate AMPnet issued asset-backed tokens.

To discuss all questions around the partnership, our team was kindly invited by to join them for an AMA session on Saturday, 30th of January, 18:00 UTC.

Our CEO Mislav Javor and’s CEO Martin Ploom will answer all your questions on’s Telegram group.

Join our Telegram AMA and let’s talk about this exciting new partnership

See you there! 🚀

AMPnet is building a platform for crowd-investing renewable energy sources, retail and wholesale energy trading. If you’re interested in cooperating or have any further inquiries, contact us at

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Real-world assets on DeFi Protocols

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